"Fever Pitch" and Red Sox fans

“Fever Pitch” comes out today as a bastardized version of Nick Hornby’s outstanding memoir of his love affair with Arsenal, a footie team in England. Who knows how bad the movie will be but just a few thoughts about the entire idea of this movie:

Hornby’s memoir is about a football team. The movie is about a baseball team. Not only that, Arsenal is nothing like the Red Sox. The Gunners have had some success over the years in English football, winning a few league titles and FA Cups along the way, both in the memoir and in the last five to ten years (they along with Manchester United have dominated English football during this time). The Red Sox have lost, and lost, and lost again. Only getting close a few times. If a Red Sox fan were to write a twenty-five year memoir of the Red Sox experience they’d get nothing like what Hornby’s experience.

Is anyone not sick of the Red Sox and Red Sox fans at this point? Did we really need this, yet another media creation about the angst of being a Red Sox fan? I know Red Sox fans claim they don’t like these media ‘creations’, but someone has to buy all this stuff up don’t they? I mean is anyone in Europe going to see this movie? Is any White Sox or Cub fan going to see this movie? Wait… forget I said Cub fans. The point being, if Red Sox fans hate this stuff, why does the media keep churning stuff like this out?

Someone wrote this morning that the joke is on Red Sox fans and “Red Sox Nation”. I’m not sure truer words have been spoken in some time. These fans have managed in five months to turn the ENTIRE country against them. I’m sick that I ever rooted for them… just sick that I was that stupid. At least I’ve never rooted for the Cubs… but that one is too obvious. But the Red Sox fans are actually the Cub fans of the NL analogy should have been made years ago. How did we over look this? Were we that blinded by the Yankees?

Speaking of the Yankees, I think “Fever Pitch” would be about a billion times better if it was about a Yankee fan. The Yankee fan would be a villain from the get go and we’d root against him and the Yankees and… well I’m not sure how the movie would end, but I’m telling you, everyone would go to this movie. Or people would treat it like “Gigli”. But if done right, it really could be a fantastic movie. You couldn’t root for the guy, you would try not to like the guy, you’d get to root against the Yankees, and the ending of movie would be classic no matter (win or lose, but especially if they lost). Can you imagine the feeling the theater if the Yankees lost and we’d all be so happy and the poor guy on the screen would be all upset and no one would feel bad for him? I’m sure this would be a fantastic movie.

The Red Sox being the new ‘champs’ defeating the Yanks was a celebration at first. But now I think it’s a lot like what happens in politics all the time. It was like, ‘we finally got rid of Saddam!’ but instead of Saddam you get chaos and the Iranian government in Iraq. So we replaced the evil empire, the Yankees, with an even worse government. Again, we should have seen this coming.

Finally, after seeing the Red Sox win, the Cubs winning would be the worst thing that could happen to this country. Yes, worse than George W. Bush declaring himself dictator for life.

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