The Fog

Three thoughts on last night’s game(s) or the Sox in general:

1) That was a lot of fun last night. It would have been a lot more fun if they would have let them play in the fog.  But either way, at one point, both Wrigley and the Cell were full of fog and it was awesome.


The Cell:

Yay weather and baseball! And any day that reminds me of the Fog Bowl is a good day.

2) Look at Adam Dunn hit dingers! Look at Matt Lindstrom not throw strikes! Speaking of Lindstrom, the Canadian-I-Live-With is playing some iPhone game while being disappointed that the DVR didn’t record 'The Voice'. So we had the game on, and Lindstrom’s walking everyone in sight and the Canadian-I-Live-With, without looking up from the iPhone, casually goes, “Lidstrom’s like the 21st century Bo Jackson.” I laughed and filed it under the 'Pro' column in my running "The Pros and Cons of living with a Canadian" file.

3) The Sox season is, for all intents and purposes, over. They’re not going to make a run at anything other than .500... and that’s a big maybe. So there isn’t a ton to watch for at this moment (hence my silence). But over the next few weeks things will start to come into focus... who should the Sox trade (or try to trade)? Who’s worth keeping around? Who should the Sox call up? I’ll get to all that sooner or later.

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