Your 2009 Chicago White Sox!

We are three games in to the White Sox season and I haven't written a word. I've been thinking about just running turning this blog into a "Year in the life of a White Sox fan" blog. And seeing that I could talk about the Sox for about twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week... as every good Chicagoan asks them self, "Why not?".

So this blog has new life. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with it. I'm not sure how it will look. It might die in three weeks. It might be more fun than reading South Side Sox and e-mailing other insane Sox fans about the Sox. I'm going to take it easy. And if it lives, then I'll turn it into something cool. Maybe.

Currently it is just short of 3p.m. And thanks to my wonderful work situation, I am able to take it the day game/rubber match between the Sox and the Royals. At this moment I hate the Chicago White Sox. This is a common emotion in my life. And to be more specific, I hate myself for letting the Sox rule my mood more than I hate the White Sox. It's a 0-0 game, they've scored a total of 4 runs in 25 innings, and there is nothing I dislike more than teams that don't even have base runners.

But more on the Sox as the season goes along. For now, I'll have a running template that I'll fill out whenever I throw one of these up.

Be well.

Sox Record: 1-1
Place in the A.L. Central and Games back: Who cares.
Person with the Sox player I hate the most at the moment: Mike MacDougal (however, this is like saying I don't like the Ayatollah), so I'll take Carlos "Oh fer de season" Quintin. This is fair, but they way baseball works.
Member of the White Sox I love the most at the moment: Matt Thornton
Rhetorical Question of the Day: Does Paul Konerko even have warning track power at this point?

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