I've had like five articles linked up on Firefox for the last week and I've very slowly read them. Anyway, they're all worth the read if you ask me.

Because you can never have too
much Chuck Klosterman in your life. I was thinking about Chuck the other day... he's only 9 years older than me, but he might as well by 15 years older than me. Yes folks, that's who wide the gap is between Gen X and Gen Y!

While the Mafia in Sicily seems to have taken a few shots and might be losing some of their grip on their power, the 'Ndrangheta is alive a well. And controls the coke trade in Europe.

All you ever wanted to know about the Subprime crisis. And if you ask me, it's not nearly as complicated as it appears. Well the derivative stuff is complicated, but the gist of what went wrong (loaning money to people who shouldn't have been loaned money) is pretty easy to 'get'.

Honestly, a long but amazing history of the War on Drugs. What I find the most amazing is that an issue that should be driven by policy has so often been driven by politics. I mean, who votes one way or the other because of drugs? That said, the policy has been far from perfect over the years. But it does go to show that destroying the supply will not change anything until we tackel drug use here in the States. That means going after the rich whites who are involved in drugs. (BTW, kudos to the Supreme Court to correcting the unjust, institutional racism that were the crack and cocaine laws).

Finally, a very interesting read on IQ and how flawed the test is. Maybe another case of institutional bias? Probably not, but it goes to show that IQ does test anything other well, read it.

It may shock those who know me, but I'm rooting for BC against Michigan State (and the Big Ten) in the Whatever Bowl Sponsored by Whomever game right now.

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