College Football Thoughts - Notre Dame vs Stanford

For some reason, the Notre Dame v. Stanford game is on ESPN as I write this. The two teams are 5-17 combined. Considering the slate of games today, I would rank this one some where in the 30s in terms of games that I'd actually want to watch.

It's one thing for Notre Dame to have their TV contract with NBC. But is ESPN really pulling the ratings that would justify Notre Dame and Stanford? Just quickly looking at the list of games today, here are games that are just as 'good' or better as the ND/Stanford match up:
Maryland/NC State
Oregon/UCLA (which is on ABC but we ain't getting it here in the Midwest)
Oklahoma/Oklahoma State (which I can't find on TV)

More interesting than anything else - I'm assuming that the ESPN bean-counters believe or can prove that ND will pull better ratings than any of those games above (though I think that Big12 game might be tough to get on ESPN because of conference TV deals).

Needless to say, we're not watching the ND/Stanford game.

It doesn't happen often, but Paul McGuire has moved into Ron Santo territory - he's so bad, he's great. Rarely do announcers regress to the point where they become so annoying and so lame and so bad that they actually become ironic. Anyway, I think Paul McGuire has reached the point where there a situation where Paul McGuire wouldn't be fun to have around.

I know this isn't football related, but what's the point of the ACC/Big Ten Challenge? We all know the ACC will go 6-3 or something... so who cares?

I could name four SEC games alone that have been more fun to watch than every NFL game this year. So when Bill Simmons goes on about how this is a great NFL season, he's clearly not watching college football.

I'm still amazed that 10 Big Ten teams are bowl eligible - sure only 8 are guaranteed a bowl, but 10 teams from the Big Ten could be playing in a bowl this season. And amazingly, Illinois has a decent shot at making the BCS - they sit 17th right now but look as if they'll move to 14 or 15th tomorrow. Taking away the six conference winners that leaves 4 at large spots - Hawaii looks like they're all but in one of the BCS games at this point, and Georgia is in, which then cuts it down to two at large spots. I can't see two teams from the Big East or ACC making the BCS. And with Oregon losing it's going to be tough for the Pac-10 to get two teams in the BCS. So right now: Arizona State, Kansas/Missouri/Oklahoma, and Illinois fighting for those last two spots. I can't see a situation where the Big 12 doesn't get two teams in... so really it's down to Arizona State and Illinois (and maybe Virgina Tech/BC loser) fighting for that last spot. I guess Arizona State gets the nod over Illinois since they only have two losses to Illinois three and the Fiesta Bowl would take them before Illinois - but man oh man, is this crazy or what? Notre Dame picked a bad year to stink since all they had to do was be okay to make the BCS - seriously, an 8-4 ND team would be BCSing this year.

BCS Prediction:
Ohio State vs Georgia
At this point why not?

Why Georgia... check this out -- Georgia will finish 10-2 and third in the SEC. Right now they're 7th in the BCS. They'll pass Arizona State and I also think they'll pass LSU and the loser of the Missouri/Kansas game. That would put them in 4th place in the BCS. Let's say the winner of the Missouri/Kansas game loses to Oklahoma next week AND West Virginia trips up... AND Tennessee beats LSU next week. Wouldn't that put Georgia in the BCS Championship? What a crazy and amazing college football season.

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