The Wire Is Robbed

We have hinted here and other places that The Wire is the greatest show on TV and in TV history. True, we haven't seen every show ever made, but we'd put it up against anything and everything ever produced.

So when we saw that it wasn't nominated for any Emmy's, again, today we weren't all that surprised. I just assumed that the Emmy committee decided not to allow The Wire in the competition because they would win everything. Best song, best show, best acting, best writing, best everything... the show is simply amazing. So, we figure that the Emmy's will be shown this year with a banner on the bottom of your TV saying something like "The Emmy committee decided that The Wire was not eligible for this year awards because it is simply too good to compare to anything else on TV over the last year. Therefore the awards you see being awarded are for second best. Thanks for watching."

I mean the only reason The Wire wasn't nominated for anything was because it would win everything right? That's the only possible explanation.

Over the last three seasons we have watched a decent amount TV - and nothing, I mean nothing, comes close to The Wire. And weren't not here saying that other shows aren't good. Lost is good to great. Seasons 4 and 5 of 24 were good. The Gilmore Girls featured some of the best writing and acting on TV (not so much this year). By all accounts Friday Night Lights and Heroes are very good. And least I forget The Sopranos, probably the greatest drama on TV that most people have seen.

But The Wire blows all these shows out of the water. Maybe it's too smart. Maybe it is too gritty, too realistic. Maybe it focuses on those areas of urban life that we all pretend don't exist. Maybe it has too many lairs. Maybe the characters are too flawed and too interesting. Maybe the show is too deep. Maybe it is forgotten because it doesn't take place in New York City or a cute or down-to-Earth rural town. Maybe it is just too good. [I would hate to think that it's too black, but it's wroth bringing up.]

I honestly don't get it. It's a shame. The best show on TV, a show that will literally forget that the rest of the world exists, is forgotten by the so called critics.

I guess the Emmy's are turning into the Grammy's. That's too bad.

What a joke - Boston Legal and Grey's Anatomy got nominations for best drama. We're not fans of either and find it hard to see the 'greatness' of those two shows. While Lost had one of the most uneven seasons for a TV show, well ever, it should have received a nod over one of those two (The Wire being the other if you couldn't guess). Many critics think that Friday Night Lights was robbed, we just haven't seen it to say.

But as far as Lost goes... it wasn't as good as it's first season. And let's not forget that despite its strong finish, the first half of the season was pretty weak. Lost did get a nom for writing... so I don't feel half as bad for it as, say, The Wire.

I can't see how Two and a half Men or Entourage are better than My Name is Earl, but apparently they are. And I should say, Earl isn't even that 'great' of a show. But it's enjoyable, makes us laugh, and worthy of leading off on Thursday nights. And can everyone end their crush on Entourage? It isn't that good of a show and most episodes lack any sort of meaningful conflict. It isn't all that funny. The acting is sub-par - Jeremy Piven is good because everyone else isn't so good. He's like a AAAA ballplayer playing rookie ball on that show. And finally it pretty much perfectly sums up everything that is wrong with this country right now: rich white people can have fun, sex, do drugs, drink too much, take on little to no responsibility, and not have pay the consequences of their actions. There is a reason why frat boys love the show - because it's their life. So why do we glorify this culture and life - which appears to be so empty and shallow once you start to analyze it?

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