Big Day For Hypocrites

I know, I know... all anyone seems to care about is Paris Hilton and how the iPhone is going to save their life. I know. And honestly, maybe Paris Hilton is just a front used by the White House to distract the country, sorry, Western World, from the bullshit they're doing. But you know why people probably care more about Paris than the law breakin' killers in the White House? Because Paris is actually less pathetic than these pukes.

First off, apparently diversity is now a bad thing. This goes against pretty much everything one will learn in school, every study ever done, and common sense human capital theory. Now I won't go as far as to think that this will open the door to segregation, but it doesn't solve the major people in America - Race. The only way for us to ever even come close to overcoming the racial problem is by experience. Most whites have little to no contact with blacks or Latins. And to a certain extent this is also true for blacks and Latins. If we have a better understanding of each other, this cuts down on certain stereotypes, myths, and falsehoods that we hold in our head. Schools are, and will always be, an easy way to gain experience with people from different races. Segregation occurs naturally as it is, and there is no reason for government to promote it.

As for the Court's other decisions... the pan on price floors will require a bit more reading and study, so I won't make any knee jerk decisions about that ruling. But the other ruling ? Roberts, Alito, Scalia, and Scalia's puppet Thomas - all Catholic - can all go fuck themselves for all I care. The fucking hypocrites, who can't wait to over turn Roe v Wade, had a chance to vote pro-life in the case of a mentally ill criminal. These hypocrites just lost any sort of legitimacy in my eyes. Look if you're Catholic, if you're pro-life as it's clear that all four most likely are, then you have to be consistent. You can't vote to uphold partial birth abortion, then turn around an vote in favor of capital punishment. You can't. I'm sorry. But these fucktardsapparently believe that hypocrisy is cool. And hey, they aren't the only ones in DC that get off on being hypocritical.

Of course, the Kings of Hypocrites, aka the White House was busy today. These jagoffs, who are so weak that they can't even get their party together to get the Immigration Bill though the Senate, decided that they're above the law... again (okay maybe not above the law by invoking executive privilege, but it reeks of cover up!) I have a simple, effective, and just thing to say to them: Fuck off. You fired the nine federal prosecutors and it probably came from ahigh and you guys got caught. Now face the music. Stop stonewalling. Stop attempting to be above the law.

I'm sick of these guys. I'm sick of the murder they allow, the torture they promote, the hypocrisy they indulge in, the spying, the fear they spread, and their minor attempts to take away our civil freedoms. I'd just like justice, for once, to rule the day while these guys are in power. I know, no one likes them besides the 30% of America who would kill for a dictator, and in that respect they got what they deserved. And yeah, they're probably the weakest Presidency since, shit, Ford? LBJ in the summer of '68? If not those two then Hoover. But I just want it to end.

And what really is scary, is that they've got four wack jobs on the Court that will support and approve all their decisions. It's almost as if they hate the democracy, freedom, and liberty they claim they are spreading.

Great job.

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