The School Shooting No One Is Talking About

Last week, a student from a high school open fired on a CTA bus killing one student and injuring four other students. Yet outside of Chicago, this hasn't seen much coverage.

I haven't seen anything in the national media on this shooting, nothing in the LA Times, NY Times, on the news, or CNN/MSNBC. Maybe it's because it didn't take place in a school or maybe it's because everyone involved in this tragedy was black. Who knows. But the double standard exists.

Maybe it doesn't sell papers, and that's why this tragedy isn't receiving the same amount of coverage. Or maybe it wasn't 'brutal' enough. Who knows. But it's a sad reflection of America no matter what. Since the shooting didn't take place in a school it's some how not news worthy? Or is there a racial element to this lack of coverage? Either way, it's a pretty sad situation.

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