So Chicago Is Probably Going to Get the 2016 Olympics...

Chicago got the nod from the USOC for the 2016 United States Olympic Bid... this shouldn't be too surprising. I'm sure a few palms were greased and Daley wanted this bid more than a functioning transportation system, quality schools, affordable housing, and other infrastructure issues. But hey, it's a way for Da Mayor to separate from his father. Plus LA just had the Olympics in 1984... that's not a very long time as Olympics go.

Honestly, I am happy but a bit annoyed. I have no clue how the city expects to fund these Olympics (I'm SURE private donors are lining up with billions of dollars). There are pros and cons to the entire bid: it will be the perfect nudge that the South Side needs to continue its revival; and as a South Sider who lives on the South Side... I'm happy about this. The South Loop all the way down to 18th Street has under gone a complete face lift over the last five to eight years. Bronzeville has slowly started to become an up and coming 'hood. The Olympic bid will continue this revival, rebirth, etc further south to Hyde Park and Southshore. This is a good thing.

But on the flip side, the cities infrastructure is a bit worrisome. The CTA is a pain in the ass to ride. There are road and railroad issues that Chicago and the state need to figure out on how to improve since these are Chicago's economic life line. And the City is depending far too much on getting the Olympics. Daley argues that when Chicago gets the Olympics, federal money to fix everything will come flooding in.

This is probably why Daley has wanted the Olympics so badly - for the money. To fix these problems: the infrastructure, schools, housing, and finical shortfalls - Daley is hoping the Olympics are the great fix. But I'm not so sure. It's a big gamble... what if in October 2009 the 2016 Olympics go to Rio (who I would argue are Chicago's only competition at the moment)? What would Daley do then?

Luckily for Daley, he'd only have 18 months in office. If Chicago gets the 2016 Olympics, he can ride out like Augustus... if Chicago doesn't, he'll leave the city's problems to someone else.

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