Random baseball thoughts…

If he can get to 2,500 hits, Kenny Lofton is a Hall of Famer in my book. Right now, he’s at 2300 which would mean he’d also have to play next year. There’s not reason why he can’t or won’t play next year, so one would assume that Kenny is going to get to 2,500 hits. Right now he sits 17th on the All Time Stole Base list, and with another season after this one, he would probably make it up to 14 on that list… that’s pretty good. 2,500 hits, about 650 stolen bases in an era when taking a bases wasn’t a big thing, around a .300 batting average, a very good OPS, and he was the best lead off hitter of his day.

Ozzie Guillen is trying to drive me insane… let’s just end this Darin Erstad experment right now… he stinks. His average stinks, his on base percentage stinks, and right now the Sox have him leading off. Look, if this was 2000 or 1997 maybe you'd have Erstad lead off. But in any other year between 1997 and today, you would be a moron to have Erstad lead off day after day after day... but Ozzie keeps putting him out there for reasons no one knows.

Erstad is KILLING the White Sox right now. I'm this close to calling everyone on my phone randomly and leaving 5 minute messages about "EFFING DARIN ERSTAD!"

Right now, Erstad is getting on base once ever four trips to the plate, so why have him lead off when the Sox have a bunch of guys that can get on base once every three trips to the plate. Ozzie is pretty much wasting one at bat a game right now.

Why not have Iguchi lead off, bat Crede second, and drop Erstad so far down the order than only Uribe can see him?

Iguchi probably should lead off with Pods hurt. This is nearly a FACT.

If the Sox are facing a lefty, then they can go Ozuna, Iguchi, Thome...

But when facing a righty, why not have Iguchi, who gets on base, lead off, then have Crede who would probably do very well hitting ahead of Thome, bat second. Sort of like Ventura in the two whole back in 1992 or whenever that was. (just looked this up, if Crede walked more, he would be Robin Ventura).

Finally, the Yankees would be like 6-12 without A-Rod, Haters.

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