Howard Eskin = Wimp

There's been a lot going on the past few days - tons of emotion and sadness in the news. But I just want to get this off my chest...

Howard Eskin, who ever this clown is, is just another in a long list of wimps and chicken shits in the media who do everything they can to get the story to be about them. Eskin got Phillies manager Charlie Manuel to go off and challenge him to a fight. Of course, Eskin is enjoying his fifteen minutes of "Cold Pizza" fame and probably all excited about his life, but you know
what... Eskin's a chicken shit and a bum.

Eskin can try and come off as the innocent reporter, but you know what, Eskin should focus on doing his job rather than being a blow hard. According to ESPN:

The blow-up started during the postgame news conference when Eskin suggested that Manuel throw a clubhouse tirade to shake up his stumbling team.

Who is Howard Eskin, aka Richard Branson, to tell Manuel how to do his job? I'm no Manuel defender, but Eskin is a reporter, a journalist (or so he claims). So why doesn't Eskin do his job, which is to gather information about the Phillies, ask questions, and write about the team. Yes, that what it means to be a reporter, to report the news, not create it. It seems pretty clear to me that Eskin was trying to get rise out of Manuel. So what if he was successful, it wasn't all that funny, and Eskin of course, like the chicken shit that he is, avoided Manuel's challenge.

Mr. Howard Eskin, if you're goal is to start a fight, you better be willing to finish it... if not you sir, are just a blowhard, chicken shit. Congratulations.

And to be fair, Eskin isn't the only person in the sports media that does this, at this point it seems like reporters and journalists work 'harder' at getting on Sports Center and ESPN than the athletes themselves. This in itself is a major problem and something that maybe I'll tackle another day.


kulp02@comcast.net said...

Howard is generally either loved or hated in the Philly area, but on this particular issue there aren't a lot of fans that are going to side with Charlie Manuel.

Let's face the facts: Manuel was already under fire coming into this season, and with the expectations high his team is crumbling. We have questions, and I don't know where you're from, but in Philadelphia we expect our reporters to ask tough questions. Unlike the quote from the ESPN story, Eskin didn't actually suggest anything, he asked Manuel if he thought that might help.

Howard Eskin has been in newspaper, on television, and on radio for something like 30 years now. There are plenty of people that don't like him, but it's not because he doesn't work hard at his job. He didn't try to start a fight with Manuel, he merely tried to get a story.

What this really comes down to is pressure. Eskin and most other personalities in Philadelphia were opposed to Manuel from the beginning, calling for Jim Leyland to get the job. And since Manuel has been the manager, he has made one brain dead decision after another, proving to everyone he is an "American League manager" and not right for this club. The fact is, Manuel is pissed and doesn't like these reporters, so even when they ask him fair questions he is secretly holding a grudge, and Eskin has been on his case as much as anybody.

But it's BS that Howard Eskin provoked Manuel in any way. He asked a legitimate question, a question that plenty of reporters have asked coaches and managers for clubs all across the country in every different sport.

And the way the Phillies are playing right now, I'd say Charlie Manuel has got two or three weeks to turn this thing around, or like Howard told him he is going to get fired.

daddie said...

Being from Phila I think you're a little off base with regards to eskin. While he is often arrogant, narrow-minded and looks like the burger king mascot he by no means the type of guy that tries to pick a fight to get himself limelight. What the espn story didnt include was that eskin had asked manuel a series of questions about whats been causing the teams poor performance thusfar. after manuel wouldnt specify an area the phillies have been lacking in eskin suggested that maybe he needed to throw a tirade to wake the team up. we've all seen the video of what happened after that. also, as a side note, eskin has been ripping manuel's poor managerial decisions since he started 2 years ago. so this is something thats probably been festering within him for sometime now and finally came out. now, as I finish writing this all I can think of is that I cant believe I just defended howard eskin.

Anonymous said...

It's funny how eskin goes after Charlie manuel but sucks the balls of Andy Reid at every opportunity. The truth, the Phillies dont like Eskin and havent in a while, so he lambastes them at every turn. The Eagles, on the other hand, give him anything he wants and he's on Reid's dick like a bad case of herpes. Eskin is a clown, and looks the fool in this situation. Most of us here in Philadelphia know that all too well. Granted, Manuel is bumpkin and probably should lose his job, but Eskin's job is to report the story not become part of it.

Anonymous said...

I'm no Eskin fan but if Charlie can't handle a question he doesnt like without challenging the guy to a fight than he's the freaking idiot. The Phils are a disaster right now and will all can see it and tough questions should be asked. Our f-ing #1 is in the bullpen and it's not even May for christs sake. Eskin is a radio personality whose job is to get people talking or blogging in your case and thats just what he did and I don't think you'll find one person in philly given the current state of the Phils who would think his questions were out of line.


You questioning Eskin's journalistic integrity before you even know what Eskins schtick is might be just a little ironic.

Anonymous said...

i'm from the Philly area (but i'm not a Philly fan) and i gotta say Howard Eskin is just about the biggest schmuck there is in the sports radio business... and that's saying a LOT. there is nothing this guy won't stoop to in order to get his mug on as many TV's as possible. he does it all... the "hard-ass" (read: asshole) questions, the tough guy rep., the womanizing (including extramarital affairs), the crazy radio stunts. but, all in all, he's just a chump. and there's plain evidence in that Eskin/Manuel video... just look at the smile on Eskin's face as he walks into Manuels office. he knows what's going down. he knows what he's gonna start. lucky for him, there's cameras everywhere!

Anonymous said...

Look, I'm from Philly and this blogger has it right on. Eskin is a cretin,an assclown and a total jerk. I'm also NOT going to prop up Charlie Manuel but watch any of Bobby Knight's interviews for how to handle a STUPID question from a reporter. Shit 85% of these questions are stupid and a managers planned "tirade" @ his players to promote a sense of urgency is totally STUPID. These guys are not snotty nosed freshman. Eskin= stupid question. Manuel= folksy, nice guy on his way out. Eskin should retire to spit shine shoes at my country club.

Otter said...

Thanks for leaving a few comments everyone, enjoyed them all. I responed here:

Anonymous said...

You write: "So why doesn't Eskin do his job, which is to gather information about the Phillies, ask questions, and write about the team."

Um, because that's NOT his job. Howard Eskin is not a reporter or a writer and does not claim to be. He's a sports radio talk show host, and makes a living trying to stir up hot discussion about Philly sports teams. I agree he should not be trying to create a story or inject himself into one, but there's a significant difference between what he does and what normal sportswriters do.

I'm also confused by your underlying point. On one hand, you say he should simply do his job and not stir up trouble, but you also accuse him of being chicken for not going and actually fighting Manuel. Not sure what you're saying there.

Bob said...

I agree with the comments about Eskin as a total assclown. While I am no fan of Charlie Manuel's boneheaded managing style, I think Eskin is bad for Philly. All Philly sports teams and athletes should ignore this biased and "bigotted" (against the Phils among others) putz. He knows precious little about sports and even less about life in general. His rants against the Phillies are mindless non-constructive (read that DEstructive) criticism. He brings virtually nothing to the sports discussion roundtable unless he has been prepped (ever see him on Sunday night sports with his 3" X 5" cue cards?) or you're talking about the Eagles, which I agree he is sooo far up Reid's patoot he's been inhaling pure methane so long that his brain's been denied oxygen to the point an EEG would be a flat line.

If I were the Phillies, I would never allow him in the press room at CBP and would boycott WIP/610 entirely; WIP needs the Phillies more than the Phillies need WIP. I also believe there is truth to the rumor that Eskin cost WIP the Eagles broadcasts when they switched to WYSP/94FM which is probably why he is such an Eagles brown-noser. A-hole-Eskin is a cancer that needs to be excised from the Philly sports scene, egocentric jerk that he is. And Eskin resembles the Burger King mascot more than Richard Branson, especially the fur coats, rolex and fancy cars; let's put him in a Mexican-made Volkswagen VW with electrical problems and tow him out of the Philly sports scene and the Philadelphia area entirely.

Matt from South Jersey said...

As a former listener of Eskin's radio show, it's obvious what the intentions of the "King" (of the Lollipop Guild) are.
He has stated in the past that he was angry at the Phillies organization for not giving his father tickets at the new ballpark or something, making mostly everything he says about the Phillies biased.
Eskin is also upset at the prices at the Kids Phanatic Food Cart, whose portions are made for a man like Eskin.

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