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So we took a week off… sorry to all those who may actually read this (and apparently it’s more than me so that’s cool). I guess we’ve got about 900 things that we’d like to ‘comment’ on so why not just make a list? Lists are fun. Random lists are more fun. Let’s roll.

1) I don’t want to bust on Alando Tucker, cuz he seems like a cool dude and he’s got his head on straight, so let’s make it clear. We’re ripping the media here. SI did a profile piece on Tucker this week writing, “Maybe it’s that the BMOC of Playboy’s No. 1 party school is a State Street [in Madison, WI] regular who says he has kept a decadelong vow never to drink alcohol, smoke or get a tattoo.” Not drinking. Good. Not smoking. Good. Not having a tattoo? Who cares. I know Tucker made the vow, and that’s cool. But SI is glorifying this non-tat vow… which is silly. Who gives a flying Bush if he’s got one tat or 100 tats on his body?

Oh yes, it all goes back to the media’s pretrial of black basketball players. Tattoos are bad. This means you are a thug. Thugs are bad. Allen Iverson is the devil. This of course is not only unfair, but racist. I’m not sure if these 50somethings realize that half the women in their 20s have tattoos some where on their body (maybe not half, but a lot). Just about every meathead I’ve ever had the pleasure meeting will show me his tat within five minutes of meeting him. The entire hipster movement in the last five to ten years has been based somewhat on tattoos. Can we please, PLEASE, stop talking about tattoos as if they’re some sort of sign of gangsters? Thank you.

2) Since we’re ripping the media… TIME in it’s write up of the year in review, wrote this about Pinochet’s death: “After ousting Marxist President Salvador Allende in a bloody 1973 coup, the cunning, right-wing Pinochet banned political parties but also instituted free-market policies that stabilized Chile's economy.” This is completely, and totally, written for the American audience… and even worse, it’s not true. Allende was a socialist, not a Marxist (and if you want to say that’s ‘splitting hairs’ it isn’t. It’d be like calling Bush a facist). Secondly, the coup was encouraged, supported, and partly financed by the US government (thank YOU, CIA). And Pinochet was supported by Presidents Nixon and Ford.

I fully realize that the world was a different place in 1973. But at least get your facts right, TIME. This is just sloppy, in fact, horrendous journalism.

3) I love the Hold Steady. And I really love the Hold Steady after 10:00 pm.

4) Tony Romo… I feel like the smartest person in the room for calling that implosion. The guy just dropped the ball on the field goal. Amazing. Now the question is… is Romo’s career over? I hate to bring up Mitch Williams, Brad Lidge, and even Donnie Moore, but Romo’s ‘drop’ ranks right up there right? His career is probably over right? We’ll have to suffer though those “Romo’s put it behind him” crap next summer and then watch him throw 2.5 picks a game for the first 9 games next year. I can’t see him becoming anything other than a back up now. And I sort of had high hopes for his future.

And more latter...

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