Beckham all but moving to LA

Real Madrid said that they would not renew David Beckham's contract today. That means he's going to leave Madrid in the summer, if not sooner (since the Janurary transfer window is open at the moment). And LA has to be the favorite as to where he'll end up. Going back to Manchester United and Liverpool are out of the question. Chelesa doesn't need him and the Gunners probably don't want him. Beckham in Bolton? Blackburn? Reading? Fat chance. A move to Italy isn't out of the question, but once again, I don't see it happening.

Beckham's coming... feel it in the air.

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Hugo Chavez said...

VFLOAB, Amigo! Why don't you write about me anymore? Aren't you excited about my new communist programs? Do I have to be a full-fledged Stalinist to get praise from you or what?