At Some Point We get to the Divisional Playoffs

I’ll get to the football games later, right now I’m feeling random…

These UPS commercials with that guy that sort of looks like a TV dad while the Postal Service is playing in the background… weird. Totally weird. I feel like I should be taking notes. Dead serious. I feel like I’m class and he’s some how going to link UPS shipping to the median voter theorem (grad school jokes are hilarious!) Anyway, I’m totally memorized by this guy. I love these ads. I want more. I should hate this ads. I don't. I love.

Things I’m not making up, the color announcer on ESPN is a female… and I’m watching the Hornets and the Wizards. And the area in Oklahoma City keeps playing the “oooo-bop!” from No Digity. I AM NOT MAKING THIS UP.

In case you missed it, the war on terror reached its third country this week as the US bombed Somalia. Islamic ‘rebels’ need to be taken care of… honestly, I know next to nothing. Just bits and pieces from the Economist on the entire situation (though someone I know who did the Peace Corps in Kenya actually was in support of the Islamic rebels saying that they bring stability; in other words if we weren’t fighting terror, we would give a rats ass).

But I think the bigger issue here is this: are Somali Muslims really that big of a threat to this country? I don’t recall any of the highjackers on 9/11 being Somali. I find it hard to believe that any sort of “Islamic” government in Somalia could be a real threat to US national security. And before you say ‘safe haven’ think about this for a second… how does this look in the Islamic world? How does this look in the Middle East? How does us bombing Somalia look in Iraq. We’re preaching peace and freedom and all that Utah Jazz, and then turn around and bomb an Islamic country that’s of no real threat to us. Does that appear to be the work of a ‘holy war’? Can’t it be viewed, if one was a Muslim, as an attack on Islam for being Islamic?

No matter, this is not my war. Yay Slings and Arrows.

Thanks to Canada (or Candian friends), I finally got my hands on Amy Winehouse’s album “Back to Black”. And “Rehab” is every bit as good as it is on youtube. The album comes out here in the States in March…

Do yourself a favor and get your hands on The Presidents of the Unite States of America “Peaces”… good times. Awesome times in fact… now I remember why I loved and hated this song in 7th grade.

Last music note... I found a song I shouldn't like, but like... and this too feels good. It's "Hamoa Beach" by Gomez if you give a flying Frenchman's arse.

It’s Divisional Playoff weekend which is usually the peak of the NFL season since you’ve got four games over two days, and often times the four games feature something that is sort of interesting. And this year might even be better than previous years since the least interesting game is the Bears/Seahawks… and that game has, at the very least, potential.

Divisional Playoff: Oakland Raiders 13, New England Patriots 16 (OT)
Divisional Playoff: Baltimore Ravens 10, Pittsburgh Steelers 27
Divisional Playoff: Philadelphia Eagles 33, Chicago Bears 19
Divisional Playoff: Green Bay Packers 17, St. Louis Rams 45

Divisional Playoff: Pittsburgh Steelers 31, Tennessee Titans 34 (OT)
Divisional Playoff: New York Jets 10, Oakland Raiders 30
Divisional Playoff: Atlanta Falcons 6, Philadelphia Eagles 20
Divisional Playoff: San Francisco 49ers 6, Tampa Bay Buccaneers 31

Divisional Playoff: Tennessee Titans 14, New England Patriots 17
Divisional Playoff: Indianapolis Colts 38, Kansas City Chiefs 31
Divisional Playoff: Carolina Panthers 29, St. Louis Rams 23 (2OT)
Divisional Playoff: Green Bay Packers 17, Philadelphia Eagles 20 (OT)

Divisional Playoff: New York Jets 17, Pittsburgh Steelers 20 (OT)
Divisional Playoff: Indianapolis Colts 3, New England Patriots 20
Divisional Playoff: St. Louis Rams 17, Atlanta Falcons 47
Divisional Playoff: Minnesota Vikings 14, Philadelphia Eagles 27

Divisional Playoff: Washington Redskins 10, Seattle Seahawks 20
Divisional Playoff: New England Patriots 13, Denver Broncos 27
Divisional Playoff: Pittsburgh Steelers 21, Indianapolis Colts 18
Divisional Playoff: Carolina Panthers 29, Chicago Bears 21

2005: Favorites were 2-2 (the favorites either one or out right lost)
2004: Favorites were 3-1 (only the Steelers didn't cover)
2003: Favorites were 0-4 (this will probably never happen again)
2002: Favorites were 3-1 (Titans were giving 4)
2001: Favorites were 2-1-1 (Bears were giving 3, Pats also)

So what does this all mean? I’m not sure. I’m sure there’s a trend there some where… the home team has always been the favorite. The smaller the spread, the better it is to take the underdog.

Over all, home teams are 15-5 over the last five years. With that in mind… I’ll stand by my picks that I made this week. I like the Ravens, Eagles, Bears, and Patriots. I’m not going to go on, that’s just some food for thought.

I’m not here to give you NFL insite, I’m just here to help you remember what it was like way back when in 2001.

Okay I’m out of here… have a good one peeps.


Denis said...

I would be careful with your quotations of people-- the peace corps friend you referred to was not in favor of the courts, nor sad to see them go. He only noted the that they did bring some stability in a country that perpetually lacks it.

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