Took You Guys Long Enough

Happy Thanksgiving all...

But some good news... it looks like the Vatican is looking to make some major changes on their views on condoms:

The Roman Catholic church has taken the first step towards what could be a historic shift away from its total ban on the use of condoms.

Pope Benedict XVI's "health minister" is understood to be urging him to accept that in restricted circumstances - specifically the prevention of Aids - barrier contraception is the lesser of two evils. The recommendations, which have not been made public, still have to be reviewed by the traditionally conservative Vatican department responsible for safeguarding theological orthodoxy, and then by the Pope himself, before any decision is made.

The rethink, commissioned by Pope Benedict following his election last year, could save millions of lives around the world. It is likely to be raised today when the Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams, has his first full discussion with the Pope at an audience in the Vatican.

The Church has been on the wrong side of this issue for far too long. In the 1960s, a special commission recommended that the Church lift the ban on contraceptives. But Pope Paul VI rejected their recommendation in the famous 1968 encyclical, Humanae Vitae.

We understand the Church's thoughts and view on life; but the Church’s stance/ban on condoms clearly violates that very view on life. Condoms can save lives by slowing down/preventing the spread of sexually transmitted diseases. The Church, for too long, has wanted to have it both ways - to claim that they're pro-life yet turn away and do nothing about the fact that millions are dying of AIDS. Hopefully P-Benny16 sees things the same way most of the world does...

(There isn't much in the American papers on this since it's Thanksgiving).

Also found this today in the Globe on an American priest and nun who were in the home of a Palestinian ‘militant’ in an effort to stop Israeli attacks on Palestinians. (BTW, I don’t want to get into it, but if it’s true that something like 40% of all Israeli settlements in the West Bank are on private Palestinian land… well, that’s a little more than ‘egg’ on the face of Isreal).


young_activist said...

It is amazing that simply because Israel is fighting terrorism U.S politicians and media organizations have stayed firmly behind them even when horrendous atrocities are committed against civilians.

young_activist said...

Bobby, thought you might be interested. This is part of a series in the newspaper called young voices.
How has Sept. 11th changed U.S policy?
Hayden Rose, 14, Weddington High, Weddington: James Madison once said "If tyranny and oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy." The attacks and the fight against al-Qaida have been used as an excuse for everything from deposing Saddam Hussein, to running an unconstitutional wiretapping program, to violating the constitutional rights of terror suspects. Out of respect for the victims we should not allow the president to trample on the Constitution in the name of those who died.