Did You Hear?

Apparently there’s a big game in Ohio today. So maybe we should make note of that. But first…

BOSTON COLLEGE (-7.5) over Maryland – Maryland’s played too many close games for me to think they can go on the road, in the cold, and play a well coached BC team.

Iowa (+3) over Minnesota – I can’t think of anything interesting to say about this game, but wasn’t it sort of interesting that Milton Fredman, Bo Schembechler, and Ferenc Puskas all died within about 24 hours of each other? One of the greatest economists, college football coaches, and European soccer players of the 20th century all passed away within hours of each other, weird.

Illinois (-2.5) over NORTHWESTERN - Last weeks OSU/NU game in Evanston was filled with about 80% of red. I’m starting to get sick of Northwestern, Big Ten conference. Anyway, this would be a nice win for the Illini who have a ton of young talent. They’re a team to watch for next year.

ALABAMA (+3) over Auburn – It’s been a really bad year at Alabama. It’s been a suddenly disappointing year at Auburn. The moment Auburn lost to Georgia last week, the Tide got a chance in this game. Auburn’s bummed out, while for ‘Bama this is the biggest game of the year for them… upset maybe?

Virginia Tech (-1) over WAKE FOREST – This line is all over the place, so I’ll just make it a pick’em… Wake can’t keep this up can they? They went into Talahassee and shut out Flordia State and now Tech somes down to North Carolina… and I just can’t see it happening. Tech looks to have things back on track after the disaster that was that Boston College game. Tech wins. But wait, Wake is a team of destiny…right?

USC (-6) over Cal – This is a much bigger game for USC than it is for Cal. Cal now has two losses and while a win here probably means a trip to the Rose Bowl, for USC, they’re sitting there looking at a trip to the National Title game. I like Cal, but I can’t see them getting the job done after last weeks loss.

CINCINNATI (+6.5) over Rutgers – HANG OVER GAME! HANG OVER GAME! There’s a 90% chance that Rutgers have been reading their clippings and are prime for a upset. For Cincinnati, they’re at home facing an undefeated team… I think they’ll be reading to play. Then again, Rutgers is a team of destiny… right? Rutgers may even lose this game.

Michigan (+7) over OHIO STATE – Hey did you hear?

Guys, did you hear? Michigan is playing Ohio State… and they’re both undefeated! 11-0 vs 11-0! The biggest game in years! (Actually that’s true, this is probably the biggest regular season game since 1993 when Notre Dame beat FSU).

I’m not sure I can really add anything that hasn’t been said. So I’ll just make two points:
1) This will be a better game than every NFL game you watch this year.
2) Ohio State is a better team

Ohio State wins… a close one. I’m pumped.

Last Week: 2-6
Season: 41-23-2 (.640)

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