A Look Back at That "Axis Of Evil"

Thoughts while wondering if there was ever a performance quite like Urlacher’s 4th quarter performance last night…

First and foremost… RIP Chicago Board of Trade, we’re going to miss you. If you haven’t heard the Merc snapped up the CBOT today for a cool $8 billion bucks. While operations will continue on as is (yay bonds and soybeans and corn trading!) the name of the CBOT will change to CME Group Inc. First Marshall Field’s becomes Macy’s and now the Chicago Board of Trade becomes the CME Group. In Chicago, nothing is sacred, which shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone who has spent any time here.

We’ve always had a very close and very personal relationship seeing that our father has worked there our entire life. We even spent a summer down there (looking back the summer of 1998 was the biggest ‘fraud’ summer/year of my life. Not only was I 16 years-old, a fraud age if there ever was one, it was also the summer of Mac and Sammy and all those ‘roids).

So we’re a bit bummed out, why were not sure, but it just doesn’t seem right that one of the best-looking buildings in the world (look to your left!) isn’t what it was. Sure it’s all symbolism and we shouldn’t be upset about it. But that’s Chicago. The bottom line is the almighty dollar, where the hustler and the square ride the El to work, for keeps and a single day.

What happened to JACKED UP!!!!? It stinks now. What a disappointment. (btw, nothing was better than the all white JACKED UP!!! of last season around week 12, that was awesome for all the wrong reasons).

If the Bush Administration were like the Star Wars trilogy, we’d be nearing the end of “Empire Strikes Back”. Can things be any worse for these guys? But here’s the kicker, I can’t really see a “Return of the Jedi” in the future (unless of course, that Jedi is John McCain but considering he’s about as old as Yoda, looks like Yoda, and redefines the term flip-flopper… I don’t think that’s happening).

On top of that, the “Axis of Evil” is looking like some cross between the Ginger Bread Man (North Korea), Anna Nicole Smith (Iraq), and Terrell Owens (Iran). Let’s break this down:

Ginger Bread Man/North Korea – We’re going to look back on the “Axis Of Evil” speech the same way we look back at “Peace in our Time”. At the time it seemed like a good thing to say*, but it was far too short sighted in the long run. Anyway, it’s hard to blame the White House about the Kim Jong Il’s testing of a nuke last week, but KJI did say that it was the GWB’s threats that made him move ahead with his nuclear program. (Note: While there is truth to what KJI says, the North Koreans had been trying to build a bomb prior to the “Axis of Evil” speech).

If you remember your “Axis of Evil” speech, you’ll recall that Bush was would stop those three countries from acquiring nuclear weapons. Well North Korea just tested a nuke, and pretty much no one is doing anything about it right now. Of course it’s a little more complicated it appears on paper since the US pretty much as to defer to China and needs China to step to the plate right now. But it goes to show how foolish the “Axis of Evil” talk was… if the White House didn’t have the Chinese support concerning North Korea, why even call North Korea out since without China’s support/backing THE US CAN DO NEXT TO NOTHING!?!? You don’t pick on someone if you’re not able to back up your talk, most people learn this in first grade, second grade at the latest. If you’re going to speak loudly, then you’ve got to carry the big stick.

Of course as Teddy Roosevelt helped teach this country 100 years ago, it’s better to speak softly and carry the big stick. Less egg ends up on the face that way.

So North Korea runs around like the Ginger Bread Man, no one can catch him because no one wants to catch him… “run run as fast as you can…”

*(Any time I hear or think “at the time it seemed like a good thing to do/say” it’s usually a story that involves way too much beer. Now, of course the Axis of Evil speech didn’t involve any beer, but it’s one of the few time I can think of a story that has “it seemed like a good idea at the time” and everyone was totally sober while the story takes place).

Anna Nicole Smith/Iraq – Oh Lord where to even start? It’s a friggin’ mess. Seriously. Let’s just move on. At this point it’s just flat out sad, a tragedy in fact. I don’t even want to think about it.

On the bight side, we certainly showed Saddam who’s the boss. Boy oh boy… good thing we got rid of the least threatening of the two dictators (I’m not sure what to call Iran since they do have elections but they’re rigged, but not completely rigged elections). Good thing he’s gone, yep, I mean he had all those WMDs and nukes. THANK GOD he’s gone. Seriously. Phew. I feel so safe.

Terrell Owens/Iran – The only question is who’s more insane. I’m going with TO, but jeeze, it’s not like Iran’s got its head on straight. Can anyone figure those guys out? In fact are they openly mocking Bush at this point? It sure seems that way at times.

Honestly, I’m not sure I can add anything on Iran right now… so I’ll just move on.

I’ve listened to so much shit music today… it’s hard looking for good songs from 2006.

Hey Look! Pete Townshend on Pitchfork!

We need a little youtube don't we? Okay... this is for you Lee Elia... just for you. Dennis Green wants to be you. Gosh this is great... he hates his team right now.

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