Thoughts and Picks for the Weekend

First things first, I have nothing to say about USA basketball. I care, a lot, and I saw bits and pieces of a few games. We were thinking about staying up for the game this morning (we didn’t). I can’t say what went wrong; it certainly looked like they were going to win this tourney (they had been playing really well). But now we’re done and I can’t for the life of me figure out how. Is it something that you can chalk up to one bad game or is there something else? Is it really because they can’t hit three pointers? In a way, doesn’t the shorter three point line hurt good teams (case in point; the NCAA tournament). I don’t know. I wished people in America cared more about, you know, the US basketball team. It’s team USA and people are like, ho hum… why? Why do we have such distain for national teams? We’re such a patriot country, we look for excuses to wave the flag… but the moment a national team is in a major competitions, we only care if they win. So odd. You would think that the US fans would travel, like English fans… but they don’t. Just weird. And now five people will write about it and we’ll all move on with our lives, I mean after all, TO did make a ham sandwich for lunch yesterday.

Not sure anyone really cares, but maybe the most bizarre transfer in the history of football, ummm, soccer went down yesterday. West Ham United picked up Carlos Tévez and Javier Mascherano. These two are 22, Argentines, and pretty effin awesome. They moved from Corinthians (in Sao Paulo) to East London… but what’s bizarre is that, well, West Ham is sort of like, well… not that good. Or rather famous (and East London is infamous for being the ‘bad’ side of town). Tevez and Mascherano have the type of talent to play for a Milan, Chelsea, Barca, ManU, or Real Madrid. And going to West Ham, which is at best a mid-table English team is, well, odd.

And awesome.

Tevez is a personal favorite from the week we spend in Buenos Aries a few months ago (and then the World Cup of course). And West Ham picking these two up is just, well cool. And now West Ham should make a run for a Champions League spot.

And people will spend days trying to figure this one out across the pond.

In other news, DaMarcus Beasley (RunDMB) has gone off on loan to Manchester City, which is cool because that means we’ll get to watch Beasley a bit more (well if you get those soccer channels you will). Not sure what this means for Beasley’s career (it’s a step down club wise), but hopefully he’ll see more playing time. And convince the Bum that is Landon Donovan to go to Europe again. And as always, That’s On Point sums up everything much better than us.

I was reminded me that today is the 67th ‘anniversary’ of the invasion of Poland by Germany. Peace in our time eh?

But on that note, from today’s Wall Street Journal:

Bush kicked off his bid to gain support for the Iraq war, telling an American Legion audience in Salt Lake City the fight against Islamic militants is similar to last century’s battle against Nazis and communists. Attacks on Shiite areas of Baghdad killed at least 47 people and wounded more than 200.[1]

Does this mean Bush is the first president to drop Godwin's Law? Wow. I feel like this is a big day in American history. “President becomes Despite, Reverts to Godwin's Law”

Blair wants 12 more months… and to be frank, I’m sick of this. Just leave, go away, step down… it’s become the TO story of politics. Every day for over a year, it’s this and that and when will he leave and no one likes him and… just go away. No one cares any more. Take a boat to Patagonia with TO, Tony. And don’t come back.

It was good to have college football back last night. Watched a bit of the BC and South Carolina games… nothing to interesting of note. But I did just see that Alex Daniels, a former linebacker, ran for three scores and 155 yards for the ‘Soaters against Kent State. Sure it’s Kent State, but not bad. Maybe Minnesota won’t be average this year… then again, this is Minnesota we’re talking about. But an interesting experiment going on in the Twin Cities. They always seem to have a good offensive line, so maybe they’ve got something in Daniels. Time will tell.

Well it’s that time again… time for picks. That’s right, even though we sort of stunk last year, it’s time to give some picks. For fun of course.

Not a totally interesting weekend in college football, but let’s give it a go anyway. Home teams in caps.

OHIO STATE (-17) v Northern Illinois – An interesting game since Northern has a pretty good running back in Garrett Wolfe. This will be Ohio State’s only test prior to the Texas game next weekend, so we’re going to find out what this defense is capable of. To be honest, you’d expect the #1 team to be giving a few more points at home against a mid-major, even if it’s a pretty good mid-major.

California (-2) v TENNESSEE – Wow, I know the Vols struggled last year but home dogs to a Cal team that just figured out their quarterback situation? I don’t like how this is setting up for the Bears. Vols win in a tight one.

Wisconsin (-10) v BOWLING GREEN – This game does have the makings of an upset to be honest, but… the Badgers should be THAT much better than Bowling Green. Plus Minnesota destroyed Kent State last night, and the Gophers have more question marks than the Badgers. SCONNIES ROLL!

UCLA (-3) v Utah – Woah… I thought Utah had quarterback issues? And their going to the Rose Bowl, I know not the most intimidating place to play, but still.

Notre Dame (-7) v GEORGIA TECH – Notre Dame might lose this game. They’ve got a really good defense and Calvin Johnson should have a field day with NDs poor secondary. I can’t wait to see how the Domers spin this one… actually, I can wait. Weird match up, I mean ND vs GT? Just seems odd even though GT has won a national title more recently.

USC (-8.5) v ARKANSAS – Last year USC won by like 90. Sure they lost Bush, White, and Leinart, but you can’t tell me that they can’t beat the Razorbacks by 10? Seems like people like Arkansas a little too much. USC rolls.

MIAMI (-3.5) v Florida State - I’m taking the points. This game is always close, if they’re going to give me a field goal, I’ll take it. And people seem to like FSU this year. They did finish strong, so they’ve got that going for them. Miami seems like a team that needs to re-find/rediscover their ‘direction’. ‘Noles roll… and I’m looking forward to Miami’s answer to Jenn Sterger. That’s why I’ll be watch… or something like that. BTW, what’s she up to? Oh that’s right, she’s got a website and a Playboy spread. And yeah, she’s only been around for a year. Amazing what the Internets can do these days.

Have a good weekend, may it go to 11:

[1] "What’s News – World-Wide," The Wall Street Journal, 1 September 2006, sec. A, p. 1.


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