Oh, Hello

As John Mulaney would say.

For the people that check this place... sorry. It's been a crazy two weeks.

We moved from DC back to Chicago. Moving itself is always more work that you ever think... so of course that's what happened there. Then we get to Chicago and well, we're basically starting a new life. So besides getting the new 'digs' in order we also had a fun week of grad school orientation. That left us little time to, well, do much of anything - be it watch TV, get back to others via e-mail, or even keep up on the news. So while there were protests in Budapest, a coup in Thailand, and Chicago announced it's Olympic Bid plan... we were probablly learning about how we should have a life outside of school.

But fear now, we'll be back. Classes start and with class there comes procrastination. And with procrastination comes amazing thoughts that blow our minds and make us blog about 'em. So there you go.

Before we leave you, a few quick links:
If you want an update on the search for the next US Men's Footie coach... HERE YOU go.

The NBC football music doesn't sound like football music. In fact, the entire NBC set up for Sunday Night Football more feels like the Nightly News, or better yet, Election Day coverage. It's just kind of weird.

We couldn't agree more with That's on Point (btw, easily the best blog in our opinion) and the current state of the viewing the NFL on TV. Not only do the commericals stink, but there are 5 minutes of commericals for 3 minutes of football. It's getting to the point were watching the NFL is a pain in the ass because there's next to no rhythm to the game. And as one who's going to the Bears/Seahawks game next week, I'm sort of dreading it. Dred Scott style.

There's luck, there's a lot of luck, and then there's Notre Dame against Michigan State. I'll just say this quickly:
- Weis is not that great of a coach and vastly overrated.
- Notre Dame isn't that good and vastly overrated.


- Notre Dame is a above average football team... but they aren't that good. Let's just all admit it and move on with our lives. Because if we don't, then we have to live though this every year and every week. They're a 9-3 football team, and if they some how find their way to a BCS bowl, they'll probably be treated like a red-headed step child. So for the sake of all Domers and Weis himself, let's just admit what we all know and move on.

Oh so much to say, so little time... promise a few things though:
- The 2006 White Sox, the most disapointing Sox team of my life...
- How to 'fix' US basketball
- A Watford update
- And the usualy mix of bad jokes, first person plural, and other shenanigans that you find here at VFLOAB (a-0h!)

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TheLankyRighthander said...

I blogged on the boredom of the NFL, too, Wigger.