College Picks, Week Five

And… We’re… Back… We hope.

Yeah, so we’ve been chillin’ all day, we should be reading and checking out those problem sets we’ve got to get ready by Monday for Stats, but we’re here pretending that we know a thing or two about college football. Who knows…

BUT FIRST… TO… no actually, I just hope the guy gets help. Whatever happened, just go get help. That’s all really.

And to be honest nothing has really caught my eye… I’m rooting for the Phillies like no other right now… ummm I digin’ Neutral Milk Hotel’s “Song against Sex”… you know, Belle and Sebastian really are a wonderful band, but they’re like a first round draft pick - the talent is there, but the constancy isn’t there yet. Will they ever put it all together, are we always going to be scratching our heads going, will this be the year? Maybe I’m going overboard here, but for me, they’re the Michael Vick of music…

So let’s do this while listening to some Common and watching the Yankees being no hit, well currently.

Wisconsin (-11) over INDIANA – The Badgers went to the Big House and gave Michigan a game, something Domers can only dream about. Anyway, I’m actually a bit excited about this Wisconsin team, the D looks like it will keep the team in the game. Which is key because although they can run the ball with Hill, Stocco has no one to throw to. That all said, Badgers should be the favorite in this game, and while I think everyone would love this line if it was -10, the Badgers should win this by two touchdowns.

NOTRE DAME (-14) over Purdue – That’s a lot of points for a team that has only one convincing win under it’s belt. I don’t have much to say about Notre Dame right now… they’re not that good of a team, but it looks like they’ll be going to the BCS anyway. They’ll get killed by who ever they play (Clemson? LSU? Auburn? Florida? West Virginia?) and we’ll all move on with our lives. As for Purdue, there’s no way they’re ‘for real’ even though they’re 4-0. That secondary should get lit up on Saturday.

Oregon (+1.5) over ARIZONA STATE – I really think the Ducks are going to go into that USC game undefeated. I’ll take the points. And I have nothing else to add… but are we still talking about the botched onside kick or have we finally moved on from that? And of all the bad calls in the history of sports, why did that call have the legs that it did? Sure it was a bad call, but have you seen a NBA game recently? Or better yet, did you see the Super Bowl? Yet this is the game that everyone throws a shit fit about. Whatever… but I’m sure it has something to do with Vegas and fans actually caring. Or at least that’s what I tell myself.

MINNESOTA (+10) over Michigan – Like everyone else, I’m now rooting for Michigan to go into the Ohio State game undefeated. But they’re going to get a scare this weekend. Why? Sure we can talk about how they’ve had two ‘big’ games back to back (of course how ‘big’ the Wisconsin game was we can debate another time). I don’t have a ton of sports ‘rules’ but here are four of them:

1) The Bears will always cover when they play the Vikings at home.
2) The lower ranked team in the Michigan/Notre Dame game always wins.
3) Kerry Wood will get hurt.
4) Minnesota always plays Michigan tough, usually only to lose.

Ohio State (-7) over IOWA – I probably shouldn’t, but I’m a full believer in Ohio State. I’m convinced that they’re the best team in college football and I think they’ll be ready for this one. Iowa’s a good team, but in the end, they don’t have the talent. Ohio State gets a cheap TD to cover. (Worth nothing that Iowa goes to Ann Arbor in three weeks).

OLE’MISS (+18.5) over Georgia – Ummm, this is a huge line for a SEC game that doesn’t involve Mississippi State or Vandy. So either the Lee Corso rule applies or I’m taking the points and figuring that Ole’Miss, at home, plays Georgia tough. I don’t know a ton, but I do know that SEC football is almost always a defensive struggle. I’m taking the points. Thank you!

MISSOURI (-16) over Colorado – Weird line… we just saw Colorado scare the shite out of Georgia in Athens but now they’re more than two touchdown underdogs to Missouri? I’m not crazy about the Tigers, but I this has let down game written all over it for the Buffs. That was a tough loss, one of those games where the team falls apart afterwards.

Last Week (two weeks ago) – 3-3-1
Season – 16-4-1

What do I leave you with… maybe the greatest 1980s TV show ever… Small Wonder!! I still can’t believe this was on TV. In fact was this a primetime show? It had to be right? Amazing.

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