John McCain Can go to The Beach for All I Care

Before we move on to the next installment of the Big Ten… let me just rip John McCain for this quote in reference to the White House and the war in Iraq being “some kind of day at the beach.” No John. No one said that. Not even the White House. No one said war was going to be an effing day at the beach. You’d think, having seen war, that you’d realize that war isn’t an effing “day at the beach”. Just shut the effing eff up and go away. Seriously, take you patchy skin and bad comb over and go some where else. Far from your desire to be President of the United States.

You can't sit on the side lines cheering on the war, John, and then when EVERYONE BUT THE FIVE NEO-CONS LEFT is hating on the war decide that the war wasn’t as ‘easy’ as you were lead to believe. Now, if you want to say, the White House mislead us when it came to WMDs or other things, fine. But don’t blame them for war being Hell.

And don’t come out three years after the fact and say “I think one of the biggest mistakes we made was underestimating the size of the task and the sacrifices that would be required.” No John, most on the left and most military analysts were saying that over three years ago - that’d we get bogged down and drop billions of dollars to force democracy on the people of Iraq and they'd resist and it'd turn into a mess. So don’t come around now saying that it’s the White House’s fault. It’s your friggin’ fault for allowing them to do this and then doing NOTHING until every poll says you should ‘change your mind.’

Just go away, and take most of DC with you. You’re all a bunch of bums.

And what does this say for Bush? First Liberman loses and now one of his biggest supporters ditches him… shouldn’t he just leave? Say you know what, ‘I’ve messed things up enough, no one likes me, and not only did I totally mess up Iraq, I messed up everything else I’ve even thought about over the last six years, so I’m just going to leave. It was fun. Now clean up my mess.’

Well I’ll keep dreaming for that day… which will be the same day Hedi Klum takes me home.

Other random facts…

The euro area's GDP grew at an annual rate of 3.7%, which is the fastest in six years. On top of that, for the first time in seven years, the EU grew at a faster rate than the US, UK, and Japan. And if you look at GDP in terms of per head, the EU has basically kept pace with the United States in terms of growth. Once again, the European economy isn’t nearly as ‘bad’ as we keep hearing here in the States. Yes, there are problems in Europe mainly due to high unemployment and an aging population; but things aren’t nearly as dire as some here in the States like to paint it.

Thanks everyone driving every where (and the topography) in Cali the piss poor air leads to some 8,800 deaths and $71 billion in health-care costs each year in that state alone. We hear so much about smoking and second hand smoke… but looks like air pollution caused by cars is just as big, if not a bigger problem in this country. California is doing something about it by hammering out Assembly Bill 32. It will make California the first state to impose pollution caps on various pollution making industries.

Little Miss Sunshine is a ‘nice’ movie. It’s funny but like all movies that I’ve seen over the last 18 months, it’s flawed to the point where you’re thinking “have we really come to the point that we expect so little from movies that an above average movie like this is being called ‘almost great’ by a few people?”

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