Final Predictions

First, let's give it up for the worst player in the World Cup... Peter Crouch! I'm not sure Crouch could finish a cup of coffee let alone a goal... should have stuck to basketball, Peter. (btw, as we write this, Crouch just scored... but seriously, he sucks).
Man, does he suck or what?

Figure we might as well get these up before it becomes too late... btw, we did make these before the Tourny kicked off.

Using the predictions that we had made prior to these games, this is how we saw the Round of 16 shaping up.

Round 16:
Germany v Sweden
v Mexico

England v Poland
v The Netherlands

Italy v Croatia
v The Ukraine

Brazil v USA
v Switzerland

Germany v Argentina
v France

England v The Netherlands
Brazil v Spain

Argentina v Italy

England v Spain

Argentina v Spain


Third Place:


I know, its nuts, but we’ve had a feeling about Spain ever since we started looking at that roster a few weeks ago. They’ve got great balance, they can defend and have a goaltender that can bail them out, their midfield is spectacular, and they have a few forwards who can score goals. They haven’t lost in 20-odd games, and they seem to be a team that is looking towards overcoming their differences and win a Cup.

Spain does have a tough road to the Final… beating Brazil and an overrated English side won’t be easy. We shall see of course.

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