A Few Things That Are Bugging Me

Since I don’t feel well today, I feel like I have a right to complain and gripe and bitch some I’m going to do that… things that are bugging me, pissing me off, or just annoy me.

-- Guys who still wear visors. I’ll be honest, it was cool for about a month in 1998, they tipped in 2000-2001, and ever since have been lame. BUT I STILL SEE GUY WEARING THEM all too frequently. So please stop.

-- Kick ball… who’s idea was this any way? Adult kickball leagues? The dodgeball idea from a few years ago was bad enough. But kickball? Was the options of slow pitch softball, ultimate, and flag football too much for these people? What inspires one to start a kickball league? Was this someone’s attempt to be cool and cutting edge? And do they have leagues in places other than DC. It’d be really funny if DC was the only place with kickball since its so DC in the ‘wow this is lame, but we think we’re cool and hip’ sort of way. But I’ve got a feeling kickball leagues aren’t a DC thing… just that it’s been embraced by Yuppie DC because they think its hip. Seriously, go play softball… I’m not sure why we even felt the need to change this.

-- St. Patrick’s Day… it’s still bothering me. It’s not get drunk day… I’m sorry.

-- Word… stop driving me crazy with your formatting crap. Understand that right now I don’t want this to be automatically formatted.

-- The GOP, gay marriage, Roe v Wade, and State Rights… Let me fully understand this. The GOP, the State’s Right Party, wants to over turn Roe v Wade and allow the states to make the decision regarding abortion. But they want to make gay marriage a federal issue? Where and how do state rights fit into that? And haven’t like 35 states passed laws against gay marriage? Why does the GOP need to turn this into a federal issue? Isn’t that, dare we say, hypocritical? If I was a conservative, this would be a little unsettling.

-- Jennifer Aniston… The Break Up came out this weekend. We didn’t see it. We probably won’t see it. And we’re starting to wonder what the appeal to Ms. Aniston is. Sure she’s pretty, but she also screams HIGH MANTANCE. Besides The Good Girl we can’t think of any movie where she doesn’t play Rachel from Friends. I really never felt sorry for her that Brad ‘left’ her. And again, can she make a movie where she isn’t the ‘I had money growing up but I wasn’t smart enough to go to an Ivy like school, but I would never be seen at a State school, so I ended up at American University’ character? [And yes that was a cheap shot at AU!] And btw, we aren’t alone. (And this also means we stopped buying the Girl Next Store Look/Feeling that Ms. Aniston tries to sell us about six months ago).

-- Congress… Bush hasn’t really pissed us off in a few weeks, but Congress has pretty much daily. Go figure. I think all of ‘em should be kicked out. Even the ones I like. Corruption blows.

But there are some rays of hope… first, the whole college football preview stuff is only ten weeks away and we have this to remind us of how GREAT college football is. I mean this is just classic. Great work by these people… we love the BC, ND, Wisconsin, Michigan, and pretty much all the SEC comparisons. Read it and love it.

Second ray of light? THE WORLD CUP STARTS FRIDAY!!!!

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