Congress Gets Tough

Hey look! Congress is standing up to the President!! And for the first time in six years too!

Of course they’ve only standing up to him because W is starting to step on their toes. You know, searching and seizing documents of lawmakers documents (William Jefferson to be factual).

Of course the real reason Congress is POed at Bush isn’t because he’s taking documents, it’s because he’s taking their money.

Huh you say?

Well it’s quite simple. First there was Abramoff. And then Duke Cunningham got busted for taking money (corruption). And now they found $90,000 in Jefferson’s freezer. And the FBI wanted some documents. So they took them.

And Congress is pissed. Because if two guys have been busted for taking money, you’ve got to wonder how many more on the Hill are doing the same. Fifty? One hundred? More? No one knows. But apparently Bush wants to find out.

Of course Congress doesn’t want W to find out. It’s their money after all.

So it’s quite simple. Congress is standing up to Bush finally. Why it took this long… who knows… well actually we do know. Because Bush is coming after them. Who gives a shit about Abu Ghraib or Guanatamo, going to war in Iraq, cutting taxes for the rich, or spending money like it’s going out of style… who cares about that. Bush is messin’ with actually Congressmen. And he can’t do that. That’s where they put their foot down.

Those egotistical, selfish, jag bags. All of ‘em. Lookin’ out for themselves but telling you that they’re looking out for you when the red light goes on.

They call all go to Hell. All of ‘em. (well besides the ten we like).

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