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Who Doesn't Love Patchy Skin?

It’s coming hard, it’s coming fast, and it’s coming at you now. This is blogging at its finest, someone call Jim Nantz.

We were able to attend the AFL-CIO's Building and Construction Trades Department conference yesterday where Senator John McCain addressed its members. While the Post article here over glorifies McCain almost leaving the podium, there was no doubt that these fine union gusy almost booed him off the stage. But we’ve got to tip our hat to McCain since he handled the tough crowd extremely well even taking questions from the crowd at the end. By the end, most of the union guys around us had tuned out McCain and were ready to hit the bar (it was after all, 11:30am), but McCain was able to dance around the questions fired at him, make a few jokes, and at least get everyone to listen to him for a while. He gets an A for effort. The speech itself? We’re not sure taking on union members is the best idea; McCain’s sort of lucky someone didn’t knock his block off after telling them when it comes to picking lettuce, "You can't do it, my friends." Plus if farmers were really paying workers fifty bucks an hour to pick lettuce, I’m pretty sure about ten people in this country would be eating lettuce and Bill Gates and the Google guys would be three of ‘em, plus half my friends would be down there right now collecting the cool two grand a week they’d be making. Blah, blah, blabh, McCain was going on about Iraq and the terrorists someone shouted “BULLSHIT!!” to which most people slowly nodded their heads. I’m still trying to figure out why the GOP is trying to fool the country; most people have seen right threw this crap/mess that’s called Iraq, why not just give it up and hope it sort of goes away? Sort of amazing that everything they bring it up they’re shooting themselves in the foot yet they keep bringing it up. Let the Dems do that, since they look sillier every time they bring it up. Anyway, McCain only gets a C- for the speech, mainly because he wasn’t very convincing in anything that he said.

But then again, after watching the disaster that was McCain’s appearance on Meet the Press on Sunday, simply showing up was an improvement. It’s becoming painfully obvious that McCain is turning into a flip flopper and trying to figure out what he stands for is difficult. One day he’s promoting a more open immigration policy, the next he’s off to speak at Liberty University. All we can say is “Go figure”. But if we could, we’d put money on McCain’s Presidential dreams being over in about 730 days.

There is such a thing as running for President too long, and John never really stopped running after the spring of 2000. He’s been on the trail for seven years now and his act is wearing thin. Plus since he’s been on the front lines for the past six or seven years, all the statements he’s made all the things he’s stood for are coming back to haunt him. We just can’t see McCain getting the nod from the GOP at this point. He’s just been around the block too often and in the public eye far too long.

Who didn’t love Starting Lineup? And can you believe that they made a Candy Maldonado one? And when I found out three or four years ago that these things, unopened, were worth hundreds of dollars I had a nervous break down. I loved these things growing up… plastic statues of athletes. Threw them out ten years ago, and five years later learn that they’re worth half a year of grad school. On the plus side, at least I’ve got my baseball card collection. Great investment that was. It’s a shame I didn’t save the thousand bucks I probably spend on baseball cards and put it into a hedge fund in 1993. I’d be a millionaire by now. Damn you Upper Deck!

I’m convinced Hell is/was watching the 1995 White Sox, coached by Terry Bevington, at the NEW Comiskey circa 1996 on a cold, damp, April night against the 2006 Royals, seven people in the stands and everywhere you look you see Rhibbie and Rhubbard or Andy the Clown. Scott Ruffcorn is pitching to Fisk and is eventually gets a visit from Nardi Contreras and is lifted for Jamie Navarro. Between every inning DJ Joe Stephen does his thing and of course Hawk is the GM. That would be Hell.

When will Dippin Dots stop being the Ice Cream of the Future? It’s been like ten years… has the future not arrived?

Opening Day really is just great. We enjoyed pretty much every second of Monday just because it was Opening Day. Just a great day and always, and I mean always, underrated.

This is sort of cool, I just realized that my high school science partners have become bizarre google searching clebs… one was drafted in the seventh round of the MLB draft by the Tampa Bay Devil Rays. The other is a stand up comedian based in New York who now has his own IMBD page. How cool is that? Does this mean I’ll become a totally minor internet cleb in the next few years?

Anyway, check out John who is/was?/will be? a good friend back in the day/on Sunday/three years from now. He’s smart. And maybe because he’s smart he’ll make you laugh.

Maybe if I get some gumption I’ll figure out html and link some shite up on the top and this could actually turn into a good blog. But considering I’m too busy most days retracing the steps of Nelson Algren and Simone de Beauvoir, well work with we (I did the we just for alliteration, I felt the need to tell you).

Okay off to ‘celebrate’ the Terps national championship in woman’s basketball. Fear the Girdle. How great is that the good kids of College Park are equal opportunity… they burn crap when the men AND women win it all. Anyway, everyone have a good day.


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hey you are a good writer. and im not saying that cause im trying to run off with your mom. hope you are well.

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