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La Boca in Buenos Aires, it's got nothing to do with bellow, but we like the picture

Interesting news out
of the UK where soon to be Prime Minister (someday right?) Gordon Brown is to propose changing Remembrance Day to British Day and turn it into a 4th of July like celebration. An interesting idea to say the least.

I’m sure the Brits are going to recoil at the thought of this, but the truth is, the Brits are just a patriotic as any other group of people and having a single day to celebrate one being British isn’t the worst idea in the world.

The New LeBron has hit England. Last time it was Wayne Rooney. Now his name is Theo Wolcott, a speedy forward at Southampton and only 16 years old.

Since we can’t make up our minds on Chuck Klosterman, we’re going to offer you two different pieces by the Chuckester, one from the Guardian on his most recent book, the other from ESPN.com on Adam Morrison, Larry Bird, and race. VFLOAB likes the ESPN.com one more, it’s more thought provoking, but Klosterman does actually have a fairly unbiased view of the world… then again, we just wrote that to write it.

Yes we realized that our picks are the exact same as the Sports Guy’s. We both went 2-2 last week. Apparently we’re on the same boat together considering I think I’m the only person (besides Simmons) who likes the ‘Hawks, Pats, Colts, and Bears. Seriously, we were out and talking about the games with a number of people last night and way too many people seem to like the Redskins and the Panthers are, understandably, a big choice too.

And we shouldn’t forget about New Orleans, but it appears we have. The Bush Administration, understandably, wants us to forget about the mess that Katrina left and their slow response to the situation. But that would be unfair to those who lived and live in the Gulf region. The debate now rages on where, how, and what to build (or rebuild) in New Orleans. Time of course will tell, and VFLOAB not being in the area or having talking to anyone from the area doesn’t have any ideas or solutions. (We still think they should rebuild the city as a true 21st century city. Much like what happened when London burned down in 1666 or Chicago in 1879, New Orleans is in an extremely unfortunate yet unique position. Hopefully there are enough people with the foresight to realize what a unique situation they have and apply some of the things we have learned and researched in urban planning and apply them to New Orleans to make it a true unique, progressive, and excellent city).

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