A Bizarre (and Bad) 'Victory' for Democracy

Okay… the fall out from Hamas’ victory yesterday continues. Israel has already said that they will not work with the new government, which of course is their right. The United States, I still think, has to at least speak with Hamas until they do something stupid. They were, after all, democratically elected (btw, how do you think this news went down in the White House? Were people upset? Happy and saying things like ‘the democracy strikes again!’ ‘This is a great day for democracy!’?? How did W take the news? EvilDick? Was the CIA called immediately? Did we send doctors to Israel to check up on Sharon? Were the Joint Chiefs summoned for an emergency meeting? I want to know what happened). Anyway, Hamas’ election does put the White House in a bit of a bind at the moment. They pretty much have to have an open policy towards them… until Hamas does something stupid or wrong. And that should probably happen quickly.

The election of Hamas is not a good thing; I think we can all agree to that. Does it offer the chance for Hamas to actually governor and get out of the terrorist business? Sure. But as this Op-Ed points out, that’s highly unlikely. All we can hope for now, it that things in the Holy Land can remain peaceful. A war or any sort of increased conflict between the Israelis and Palestinians would not be a good thing in terms of the peace process (obviously) but also stability in the region. The areas pretty crazy as it is, and Hamas’ victory only makes it more difficult. I hope this can end well for everyone, but it seems like this might be the beginning of a long, painful mess.

Oh yeah, can we just confirm Alito please? The faster this gets done the better since the longer this drags out the more likely the Democrats will really Chicago Cub this up. So let’s just get this to a vote and get it over with. Is Alito perfect? Of course not. But it’s not like he’s not qualified for the job. He’s no John Roberts, but then again Roberts may have been the perfect candidate (someone that even the left likes even though they won’t admit it (that of course will probably change by the end of the year, but for now, eh)). So let's get him on the bench and see what he's made of.... oh this stuff about Scalia is pretty damning. The idea of judges and justices taking gifts and trips smells fishy. I’m actually surprised that there isn’t more on the books prohibiting this sort of behavior. Bribe judges would appear to be easier and more direct than bribing elected officials. Hopefully something is done about it quickly.

I have some more on the wiretap survey that was released and Frank Thomas but they’ll just have to wait until tomorrow… if I get around to it.

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