Feel My Heartbeat

VFLOAB has a new crush.

And that would be the lovely Annie, whom VFLOAB saw on Friday night at the Black Cat here in DC.

Not only does Annie make good music, she’s also has it going on.

The show it self was great fun. The crowd was buzzin’ and looking for a good time (which always leads to a good show and a good night). I think some even were thinking, “I’ll be telling people in ten years that I saw Annie back when…” for the thought defiantly crossed this mind.

A Good Scandinavian Princess knows how to Grill

Annie put on a good show, and while you could tell she was still trying to get a feel for her stage presence, her innocence was darling and her spontaneity was greatly appreciated.

Annie only played for about an hour, but it was perfect none the less. While the highlight was “Heartbeat” of course, the entire set was fantastic. VFLOAB enjoyed “Come Together” and the future single “The Crush” as the other two favorites besides “Heartbeat”.

If you haven’t already, I encourage everyone to check out Annie. And you must get your hands on “Heartbeat” one way or the other (for instances, by e-mail VFLOAB) if you enjoy music at all. It may just be the best song of the 21st century.

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