Facts and Thoughts

The Falklands War has to be considered an obvious breach of the Monroe Doctrine, yet no one ever talks about this or even debates the American position on the war

In the did you know… Did you know that Winston Churchill was 1/64th Iroquois?

Did Vicki from “Small Wonder” get older or was she always going to be 12? Like if the show was still on today, would she be 25 or would she still be 12? And even if she was to get older, wouldn’t the dad have to build a new robot? So wouldn’t they be said when they had to pull the plug on her? Or would they just take the chip in her back and put it in her ‘new’ body? And if you’re the dad wouldn't you just give her huge tits? Is there a TV show that raises more questions than "Small Wonder"? Seriously think about it... what the Hell would happen with Vicki? And we haven’t even touched on Jamie yet…

Also, an acquaintance of VFLOAB wrote a book! It’s called Bar Mitzvah Disco and is a collection of essays and pictures from Bar Mitzvahs in the late 70s and into about 1991. VFLOAB flipped threw it today during lunch and enjoyed what we saw. It’s funny, yet endearing. Check out their website here

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