Dorothy Day

While VFLOAB does not always agree with what Day wrote she is still and inspiration. Day's commitment to social justice and helping the poor and neediest is a goal that we should all strive for in order to make the world a better place.

Day was the founder of the Catholic Worker movement along with Peter Maurin. So to Dorothy Day who twenty-five years later can still teach us so much. Dorothy Day died 25 years ago today and here are some of my favorite quotes.

"A conversion is a lonely experience." – Dorothy Day

"I believe because I want to believe, I hope because I want to hope, Ilove because I want to love." – Dorothy Day

"Freedom – how men hate it and chafe under it, how unhappy they arewith it." – Dorothy Day

"We want no revolution; we want the brotherhood of men. We want mento love one another." – Dorothy Day

"But without faith in each other, we cannot go on. Without hope wecannot go on. Without hope we cannot live." – Dorothy Day

"But I am sure that God did not intend that there be so many poor. Theclass structure is of our making and by our consent, not His, and wemust do what we can to change it. So we are urging revolutionarychange." -- Dorothy Day

"The reason for our existence is to praise God, to love Him and serveHim, and we can do this only by loving our brothers." - Dorothy Day

"Yet, how can we be happy today? How can we transcend this misery ofours? How can we believe in a Transcendent God when the Immanent Godseems so powerless within time, when demonic forces seem to be letloose? Certainly our God is a hidden God." – Dorothy Day

"What attracts one in a Che Guevara and a Ho Chi Minh is the hardshipand the suffering they endured in living their lives of faith andhope. It is not the violence, the killing of one's enemies." –Dorothy Day

"In other words, we must give up over and over again even the goodthings of this world, to choose God." – Dorothy Day

"It is so tremendous an idea that it is hard for people to see itsimplications. Our whole literature, our culture, is built on ethics,the choice between good and evil. The drama of the ages is on thistheme. We are still living in the Old Testament, with commandments asto the natural law. We have not yet begun to live as good Jews,letalone as good Christians. We do not tithe ourselves, there is noyear of jubilee, we do not keep the Sabbath, we have lost the conceptof hospitality. It is dog eat dog. We are all hunting whales. Wedevour each other in love and in hate; we are cannibals." – DorothyDay

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