Cheers Tony

Here it to Tony Blair who had a great run. Whither he knows it or not, it looks like his time as Prime Minister is slowly coming to the end. Yesterday he lost the vote on the terror plan, which would have changed police to hold suspected terrorists for 90 days instead of 14 days. After Labour won reelection in May, many figured that Blair would step down at some point in the next two to three years. The loss yesterday may speed things up a big. Blair’s somewhat of a sitting duck as it is right now, and although it’s tough to go out on a losing note, it just might be time. Blair may try to hold on for another six months or so, just a guess, and then hand everything over to Gordon Brown. While I was against changing the number of days to 90, I do want to give Blair a pat on the back and thank you. He’s always come across as a good guy and someone who I think should move to, say, New York and run for governor. Why not? Arnold in Cali and Tony in the Empire State, it be kind of funny and just go on to prove that American politics are a bit of a joke.

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