A few GOP thoughts... and Picks

I figure since the Sox start up again tonight and Homecoming is this weekend, I should just get my picks in now.

But first, seriously what is up with Rove? It seems pretty obvious that he did something wrong, said something to someone that he shouldn’t have. But this thing is dragging out to the point where I don’t think it will matter if anything even does come about. I wish he, and Bush for that matter, would just go away, but they can’t and won’t.

That said, interesting and probably totally useless three years ahead of us. I highly doubt things are going to get that much better for Bush in the next year, and once the mid-terms elections take place in 13 months, the GOP is going to jet on W. So we’ll have this totally bizarre year where Bush will say things, and the GOP on the Hill will sort of look down the Hill at the White House and try to figure out how to say no without saying no. And pretty much nothing will get done unless of course another natural disaster hits or if the US is attacked again. But the things that Congress should be taking care of, social security, health care, taxes, you know the day to day stuff that they’re suppose to do, will all sit on the back burner until 2009 or something.

And as I’ve said, thanks to the gerrymandering done over the last 10 to 15 years, there’s almost not chance that the GOP will lose control of the House, and the Dems have to pick up, what six seats to take the Senate to take control? That’s a lot of seats and probably not going to happen since the Democrats couldn’t be more rudderless at this point. I’m as anti-Bush as the next European, but at some point the Democrats have to do something, they need some sort of plan and alterative than “Not Bush” especially considering that the GOP is about 8 months from doing the same thing, if they aren’t already behind closed doors.

Okay, whatever, football…

Yet again the best game of the weekend is on Saturday when USC travels to South Bend to take on Notre Dame. Notre Dame is getting 11.5 at home… that’s a lot of points for a good football team with a great college coach playing at home to get. I know USC might win the NFC North, but they aren’t a good road team. Both teams will be pumped, blah, blah, blah… I think the question is, duh, will USC win by more than 10 points? I don’t think so. I think USC wins, but the final is 45-34. So Notre Dame is the pick.

There isn’t a line for the Badger and Gopher game, but I think the Gophers win for the record. And knowing the Gophers luck, they’ll win the Big Ten and end up playing in the Sugar Bowl… in Atlanta. Talk about a bummer. But hey, when you’re the Chicago White Sox of the Big Ten, that’s what you get. No one notices you, you’re just there, you aren’t bad, but you aren’t good, and you’re always good for a choke job.

Penn State (+3) over MICHIGAN
I’m not sure if Penn State is going to win the Big Ten, but I do know that Michigan isn’t that good this year. I’ll go as far to say that this is Lloyd Carr’s last year in Ann Arbor.

BOSIE STATE (-31) over San Jose State
Here’s to the "Jared Zabransky playing on Sundays" Dream.

Giants (+3.5) over COWBOYS
Easiest game this week if you ask me. I know, the Cowboys won last week. But I’ve seen the Cowboys play a few times this year… they’re probably the worst team in the NFC East. Which is weird to say, by the way, because I didn’t think it could get worse than the Redskins. I just don’t like the Cowboys, they’re too old, Jones is banged up, and I wouldn’t have any faith in their secondary. Meanwhile the Giants are headed for the playoffs and if things work out, maybe even the NFC Championship game.

Panthers (+1) over LIONS
Huh? Does the Lee Corso “somebody knows something I don’t know” rule apply here? Wait one second here…

BEARS (-3) over Vikings
… okay what’s the difference here? Both home teams are favorites, but the Bears playing a worse opponent, are only favored by two more points? Something smells fishy here, and it isn’t the Bears/Vkings line. Shouldn’t the Lions be the underdogs? I mean it’s not like the Lions are a better team than the Bears. Well whatever, I’ll stick with the Panthers. As for the Bears and Vikes, look the Vikings never win at Soldier Field. I’m not kidding, they find ways to lose there. And now add to the fact that the team is in utter chaos and not very good… well seems to me the Bears win by two touchdowns. Culpepper may even be intercepted every time he touches the ball in this game. I’m not kidding.

CHIEFS (-5.5) over Redskins
Oh please, look I know that the Redskins D is good, but it isn’t this good. The Chiefs need to win this game, and I’m still not sold on the ‘Skins since they've played with fire way too much this year. By the way, does anyone else know that LaVar Arrington isn’t playing for the Redskins? If I wasn’t in DC and they didn’t talk about this all the time, I would have no clue. It’s never mentioned on ESPN.com or ESPN or anywhere for that matter. Weird.

BUCS (+4.5) over Dolphins
Too many people like the Fins right now. And if you’re taking an underdog, you’re also pretty much taking them to win the game. I don’t think the Fins are winning this game.

SEAHAWKS (-9.5) over Texans
Again, this looks way too easy. Why anyone would take the Texans (what a stupid name I might add... Texans. Second worst name in sports), I’m not sure. They can’t protect Carr and therefore they can’t score. Don’t the Seahawks score 20 with ease in this game, and in all likely hood score at least 24? Am I trying to talk myself out of this game?

BILLS (-3) over Jets
I haven’t lost going against the Jets this year. Is there anyway to make these two teams honorary NFC North teams this year?

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