Where Have We Seen This Before?

The German election was yesterday... and no one knows who the winner is! It's like living in the US in Nov. of 2000! What fun. Hopefully things will go as peacefully there as they did here. But it is interesting to see such close elections in the US the last two times around, and now in Germany less than five years later. Democracy in action? I'm not sure. But it does appear that the West is trying to figure out where their future is and where it should lead. Since the fall of the Soviet Union first in 1989 and then finally in 1991, the West is sort of been a rudderless ship, attempting to figure out what direction it should take on. One thing is clear though, globalization and government privatization are and have been the champions of the past twenty years. And I think we're trying to figure out what that means to us in the West.

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