Thoughts going into the Weekend

As VFLOB heads into the weekend a nervous wreak about the White Sox and hoping for the best in Texas and Louisiana with Rita bearing down on them, just a few thoughts and articles to check out...

First up, just when things seem to be getting better in New Orleans by them taking two steps forward, they take a step back. The death toll reached over a thousand yesterday and now today it appears that a levee has broken again. And while Rita won’t be a direct hit on New Orleans, it will cause it to rain a lot in the area. Rain is the last thing they need there.

As Texas and Louisiana brace for Rita, 24 people died on a bus leaving the area today. Such sad news.

Speaking of Rita, it appears that we are, as a country and the area of impact, a lot more prepared for the ‘Cain. This of course is one hurricane too late, but it’s nice to know that the government on the local, state, and federal level learned from their mistake. Of course Rita hasn’t it, so there is a chance things could go as badly as they did when Katrina hit, but I’m going out on a limb (a short one) and guessing that things go a little smoother this time.

And finally this op-ed is two years old, but I stumbled across it because it’s still relevant today. It basically asks why Americans (or people in general) enjoy mean spirited TV shows and uses the extremely bias and negative FOX News and Bill O’Reilly as an example.

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