The Final Touches of Nero

I’m going to stick to a bunch of links today... mostly about the Hurricane.

First the Guardian... Blair apologies to those from the UK in New Orleans who haven’t received much help from the UK government... Shockingly Bush is trying to blame local officials for the lack of action and response from the government. This is just insane of course, I know I know one can’t really blame only Bush or the federal government but the blame also cannot be placed on any one level of government. It was a total melt down on every level from the local to state to federal level and across all parity lines. What gets me about this is that Bush is trying to wipe his hands clean of any mistakes. He’s a gosh darn wimp, the Buck Never Stops Here, should be his motto... In case anyone cares, and you should, there is going to be an election in Germany on Sept. 18 and you know what, it looks like Merkel is going to win. She also did well in the TV debate last night (and I guess this was the most watched TV show in Germany since the Germans lost to Brazil in the 2002 World Cup).

The New York Times...Rehnquist died on Saturday night and that means there is to be a new person to be appointed to the Court (along with Roberts) and a new Chief Justice... And who might that new Chief Justice be? John Roberts. Yep you read that right, Roberts was appointed to be the next Chief Justice. What a crazy fucking week... Some great op-eds in the NY Times today, I’ll only post two. First one is Herbert ripping Bush for failing to be a leader. I’ve been saying for years that Bush is the 21st Century Nero. He sits around as the world goes up in flames. First it was reading “My Pet Goat” after learning about the attacks on the World Trade Center. Then it was a day of flying around on Air Force One for reasons we’ll never know. But I’ll go with he was too scared to go any where near the East Coast or any urban center for that matter. The came the disaster in Iraq. Then came numerous problems across the world that he turned an blinds eye to. And now the Hurricane in the Gulf. As the Gulf and New Orleans was destroyed, Bush was on vacation, far far way from from the White House, talking about his failed Social Security plan, and then decided to come back his from vacation two days early. He didn’t bother to send in the National Guard until Friday, a good four days after the ‘Cane hit. He was playing on his bike as New Orleans flooded. The 21st Century Nero. Hey maybe he can turn New Orleans into a big fucking lake and stage fake wars in the lake like Nero did!... Krugman rips the government here too. He singles out the federal government here, but says blame is across the board. And you’ve got to love this story about the U.S.S. Bataan with six operating rooms and no patients, what’s the point of the ship even being down there? And don’t ask Nero because he’ll blame someone else.

The LA Times and then I’ll stop... here’s a story on how the moves Nero is making the the Supreme Court may end up helping him. Nero needs a break considering that he’s done nothing but sit around for days on end. The luck has to change right? What a disaster. He’s going down as one of the worst and his term isn’t even up. Amazing.

And here the Sports Guy, Bill Simmons, writes and eulogy to the city of New Orleans, a city he loved.

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