A Street in London and W's Dumb Statement

"Doesn't Gay Marriage Suck?"

Here is a sentimental, somewhat moving, and retrospective look and not only the street where the bus in London blew up, but also at London today and yesterday.

And this op-ed here just goes to show how stupid and disrespectful Bush's, "We're fighting the enemy in Iraq and Afghanistan and across the world so we do not have to face them here at home." statement really is. It's amazing how often this administration continues to be wrong about things, yet keeps saying things like this in the hope that everyone will believe it. From Saddam and 9/11, to the finger pointing at Clinton for the woes of the economy and even 9/11, to the WMD in Iraq, to now 'fighting the terrorist there while they blow up stuff here' comment and now Rove's connections to the leaking of a CIA agents name, this administration continues to lie the American public and, for the most apart, get away with it since they and their conservative radio friends will blame gays marriage and liberals in some bizarre fantasy world they live.

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Your Bush-hater slip is showing