Money over Safty

The odds of Iowa or Maine or Idaho being a target for the terrorist is extremely low. Taking nothing away from those states of course, but that's the facts. States like New York, Texas, Illinois, and California are under much more of a threat and that is what makes the Senate's decision to give more money for "homeland security" to low risk places the ones listed above all the more unfortunate. Because it actually wasn't about homeland security, it was a chance for politicians to get money for their states, while jeopardizing the security of states that actually need it. A case of ‘when money speaks, truth keeps silent.’ The New York Times tackles the issue here.

Also, I want to pass along this interesting and informative read about, as the author calls it, Sports Taboo. Gladwell does an excellent job at looking and dispelling the belief that black athletes are actually better. It's well worth the fifteen minutes.

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TheLankyRighthander said...

I am thinking Gurnee is pretty high risk and I want the dough.