London Calling

London Wins!
Isn't Becks handsome?

Walking through the streets of Soho in the rain
London calling to the underworld

Okay so I put these two lyrics together from Zevon and the Clash, but hey it doesn't sound that bad actually.

London won the 2012 Olympics today in a bit of an upset, but not a huge one. Paris was the favorite, but London winning wasn't as big of a shock when you think about it. It was between these two cities for a few months now. London won, and it's a nice comeback story.

So what does that mean? Who knows, but it will be fun. London is a great place and the games being there will be a good time. They'll do everything right and be proud of the results. Of course, they'll be cynical of the whole series of events over the next six or seven years, and then about a week before the games they'll get all excited and love every second of it. I would have loved to be in London when they learned it was either them or Paris… I mean, I’m sure about three Brits actually wanted the game, but none of them wanted the French to get it… so if it meant that London had to win to prevent Paris from winning, well so be it. Bring on the games! That's just the way the Brits go. God love 'em.

New York lost, and lost early on. But they have to be the favorites right now for 2016. In fact, whatever US city gets the nod from the USOC (United States Olympic Committee) will be the favorite to host the 2016 games. Will it be New York? Washington DC? San Fran (who many said had the best US bid for this round of bidding, but since they choose the US location right after 9/11, New York got the nod)? Houston (I hope not, that may be the worst Olympics ever... Houston? What's in Houston? They were barely able to pull off the Super Bowl!)? We'll have to wait and see.

But I think the best American city to hold the games would actually be Chicago. The transportation system is above average, many of the venues already exist, it's a worldly city, has areas of development near downtown (the West side all around the United Center and to a degree, the Southside though by 2016, the Southside will be condos all the way to 35th and the rate things are going). Plus if the city gets it, you're sure that everything will get done and be done on time.

Finally, sorry about the generic "London Calling" title... but you know what. The Clash rock and this is for "London Calling", "Jimmy Jazz", "Rudie Can't Fail", and "I'm Not Down". In fact, if you’re in Paris, just put on “I’m Not Down” and I’m sure you’ll feel a little better.

London calling, yes, I was there, too...

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