Bye, bye Sandy Day-O

For those worried about Sandra Day O'Connor resigning and her eventual replacement, read this. The Court usually has a mind of their own. The judges appointed to the Court are very often unpredictable and hard to figure. Who ever replaces O'Connor may end up being... liberal, even thought W thinks he's putting a conservative on the bench.

But that said, O'Connor stepping down is a nightmare. This is going to be a long, long fight. I figure Bush probably has to put a woman on the bench and someone that won't be too conservative or controversial. If Bush is smart, he'll nominate someone who is conservative but not ultra conservative. A long drawn out fight and battle is one of the last things this country needs right now. The Democrats know they won't get a liberal on the bench, but they also know that they don't want a ultra conservative on the bench. I think they would settle for a right leaning moderate with out much of a fight. I'd say expect a more moderate judge, but this being the W, prepare for the worse.

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