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Today seems like a good day to look away from the various newspapers (it helps that the NY Times is reporting that the economy is on firm ground… yawn… and the Guardian has Bono on the front page. Which is funny enough by itself. In fact I’m linking the story just because it is Bono. And by the way, does he sleep with those wrap around sunglasses? Who has the nuts to go in front of the leaders at the EU wearing wrap around sunglasses tinted yellow? Only Bono. God love the Irish). Anyway, no newspapers today, instead just random pop culture thoughts:

Who doesn’t want to be Val Kilmer… I mean think about this. For starters you’re Iceman. And as if that wasn’t enough… try Batman, the dude from Heat, you get to be the totally creepy guy from the Saint, and then of course Jim Morrison. And once again, you get to be Iceman and say things like “YOU!”

The Facebook might be one of the five greatest things about the 21st century.

I still can’t get over the heroin ring inside the Water Department. Should I be mad? Scared? It makes me laugh to be honest. Remember don’t do drugs though.

Some of my favorite songs at the moment… “The Laws Have Changed” the New Pornographers, “Change your Mind” The Killers, “Maps” Yeah Yeah Yeahs, “Romulus” Sufjan Stevens, “Persona Jesus” Depeche Mode, “I Used to Love You” John Legend, and “They” Jem, I think “Someday” by the Strokes is the best drinking song with you buddies ever, “Afternoon Delight” Starland Vocal Band because it makes me laugh and the Anchorman DVD video.

In greatest movie lines of all time, “I’m going to take a shower…. Thank you….. I enjoyed being here.” From Top Gun has to crack the top 100.
--“Alright, Alright, Alright.”
--“I want a hamburger -- no, a cheeseburger. I want a hot dog. I want a milk shake. I wan-."
"You'll get nothing and like it!!!"
--"Are you drunk?"
"Pretty much. (thinking) Yeah."
--“We’re on a Mission from God.” And “We’ll talk to Bob.”
--“Old time hockey…” “Like Eddie Shore!”
And every line from Terry Silver in “Karate Kid: Part 3”. I mean it doesn’t get much better than “Pain! In every party of his body! And Pain! In every part of his mind!” and I’m not doing it justice. Trust me… just a fantastic movie experience.

I love Terry Silver.

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