We lead off the day today with a look at the full text of those British memos that basically say that The White House decided to go to war in the middle of 2002 and was looking to build their case politically and internationally. Intel was fixed... and the rest is history.

Here is an interesting read about abortion and a different look at it, even if you agree or disagree with what the author has to say. There is so little discussion when it comes to abortion, you're either this or that, that we haven't, as a country or society, been able to get anywhere. I believe John Iriving attempted to open up the discussion when he wrote The Cider House Rules to something other than this or that, but was shot down by both sides.

Here is an article about the most uninteresting and boring people in Washington, DC. If you happen to see them out (I suggest looking for them at the Angry Inch), run. They really are just so boring. I've met this people, they only want to talk about what they do, who they know/work for, and how much they hate America but love America at the same time. Why do they hate American, because they hate our government and are looking out only for the interest of the individual. The idea of community is lost to them. Oh well, hopefully they'll be able to live in a shell their entire lives.

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