Allianz Arena


Well if everything goes right, This Life on a Bench will now have photos. Hurray! And the inspiration behind the ability to get photos was this amazing stadium in Munich, Allianz Arena. The area was built for the 2006 World Cup and already hosts games between the two Munich football sides. Depending on who is playing, the arena will light up in either blue or red to let everyone know who's playing. Very cool.

Staying with sports... Big Shot Bob... what else can you say? That dunk in OT was a thing for the ages and the fact that he won the game on top of it... amazing. One of the most amazing clutch preformers of our life times.

And finally, the Sox won in the late innings again, they're now 46-22 cleary the best team in baseball and opened up a 7.5 game lead, and an 8 game lead in the wild card. The only real problem I see is that they could use a third baseman. But other than that, this team is playing great baseball and can beat you so many different ways. GO! GO! WHITE SOX!

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