Summer Fests and a look at the news

I’m not sure what to write about today, and I don’t feel like going through the op-ed pages today, and I’m in a much more musical mood than anything else. Though I really do enjoy talking to people who live in India. Yay Outsourcing! So instead I’m going to give the heads up on two summer festivals coming to Chicago, the first being the International Festival out in Pulaski Park on July 16-17th. This festival looks like a great deal featuring: The Decemberists, the Fiery Furnaces, the Wrens, Broken Social Scene, Death From Above 1979, Out Hud, A.C. Newman, Magnolia Electric Co., Four Tet, Xiu Xiu, Andrew Bird, the M's, and the Go! Team. And for ten bucks that’s a great deal.

Lollapalooza decided that they should be a one-time festival this year, and it’s going to be in Chicago the following weekend, July 23-24. Lollapalooza is going to feature: Pixies, Dinosaur Jr., Blonde Redhead, The Walkmen, Arcade Fire, and M83 onstage with Widespread Panic, Cake, Dashboard Confessional, and G. Love & Special Sauce, Billy Idol. Digable Planets. Dandy Warhols v. Brian Jonestown Massacre dust up. Sound Tribe Sector 9. A much better line up, but also 85 bucks at the moment (for both days). It’s also going to be a Grant Park, which should be cool but could also suck.

Personally, I’ll probably hit up the International Fest, but the steep fee for Lollapalooza I’ll pass on. I’m not big on hot, sweaty, July days in Chicago.

Chelsea won the Premiership this weekend, their first step in Global dominance. Watch out, I wonder if they’ll make a run at Becks just so they can grab some headlines in the US and Asia. They again, maybe they think winning is important.

I know I haven’t really mentioned this that often, but despite the spin the White House may want to put on the war in Iraq, things there really are not good there. Yeah, they finally got a government; yeah we made them vote… but people there are dying every day (today at least 11 in three car bomb attacks). Things are not getting that much better, most of the money that the US is giving to Iraq is not being put into the infrastructure of the country, rather still to defense and protection. The war ‘ended’ over two years ago, and progress has been slow at best.

Arnold is in trouble. Didn’t see this one coming.

American’s Finest is to pled guilty. I have two questions, isn’t this case just like “A Few Good Men”? And I wonder what her kid will grow up to do.

British elections are Thursday (5 May as they would write), more in up coming days.

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