No Oil? No threat to US? We don't care.

Amazing that the White House and the Beltway in general, has been able to just ignore and do nothing about what has and is happening in Sudan. While they fight about gays being able to marry or new ways to wipe the blood off their hands in Iraq, we've watched and sat on the sidelines while thousands of people are killed in the Sudan. Of course Sudan offers very little to the United States strategically. It has no oil. It offers a very limited threat to the US. The country is in such disarray and the economy so weak that selling American products there are fruitless. Despite our 'Christian' values and 'morals' the government sits on this sidelines and does nothing. And the public? There seems to be little outcry for us to do something about it.

Of course other countries could step up to the plate; no one is innocent here. But we are, the United States, the most powerful country. We could if we wanted to try to find a solution to the horrors there. But of course, human life in Africa isn't as important as !?Oh my God!? should gays should be able to marry? I encourage all to write a congressperson and Senators. But as things stand now, little to nothing is being done, and this is one of the great crimes in human history. How we can allow people to die I'm not sure. Maybe it really is one of the brutal realities of democracy. But I pray that isn't the case.

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