Milt Rosenberg

I'm not sure why I didn't write about Milt from the get go, or link his blog from the get go, but no one is perfect. Today I'm finally giving props to Milt Rosenberg. He has the best show on radio, maybe all of media, in Extension 720. Every weeknight from 9 to 11pm (CST), Extension 720 touches on just about every subject imaginable, politics, society, Hollywood, religion, psychiatry, history, culture, travel, jobs... everything. The show is radio, education, and intellectualism at its finest, something I enjoy listening to almost every night. Now that the Cubs are playing, Milt takes a back seat to them on many summer nights, but Milt's a great listen and I encourage everyone to give him a listen over a few weeks. You can get him over the air on 720AM or if you're too far away from Chicago, he also broadcasts over the Internet. Enjoy!

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