London (Westminster) Calling

Yay! I love elections! I wonder if W will be talking up the elections in the UK tomorrow. It looks like Labour and Blair will win this with some ease, even the Economist endorsed Blair (Sorry if that's a bad link). Today was the last day of the campaign in the British Isles, it by all accounts Blair was his usual amazing self. So Blair probably wins tomorrow, though I'm sure Labour will lose a few seats, look for the Torries and Liberal Democrats to pick up some seats. In fact, the Lib-Dems may be the most interesting party to watch tomorrow. Are they ever going to be a serious threat in British politics? This election may give us some insight into that. I say they do pretty well and close the gap on the Torries. With Labour basically becoming a free-market, socially concious party, the Torries are being squeezed out of importance. Can the Lib-Dems become the Left party in Britain or will Labour be able to forever hold the Leftists and stay in the center?

No matter, Blair's days as Prime Minister are numbered. He'll turn things over to Gordon Brown eventually, when no one knows, but eventually he'll step back from the government. But before that, there is a lot to tackle in the UK. By no means is this easy sailing ahead for Blair, lying about Iraq maybe what he's known for in history books fifty years from now, and that will effect how he rules before turning the keys to the Jag over to Mr. Brown.

Here is the BBC's coverage.

Also of note in Britain, Liverpool beat Chelsea in the Champions League Semi's last night. They are off to Istanbul on May 25 for the Final. Go Reds.

Tomorrow it's all punk and BritPop on the I-pod. No Beatles, not British enough for elections.


Ilk said...

Actually listened to the Clash while I was out walking this afternoon for the first time in a while.

What kind of Britpop tickles your fancy, Otter? I'm an Oasis/Blur guy myself...comes from being in college in the mid-90s.

Otter said...

Britpop... wow... what do I enjoy... Oasis is okay. I do enjoy most Blur stuff. Pulp and the Stereophonics are okay. But I'm much more interested in groups like the Smiths, the Clash, Stone Roses, Radiohead, Coldplay, Franz Ferdinand, the Libertines... inbetween the times of Britpop or influenced by Britpop.