Labour Wins

Labour won a historic third term yesterday and Blair will be heading back to No. 10 for a little while longer. But let's let the Gordon Brown count down begin! But not all is rosey for Labour. Their majority was cut by 100 seats, and now stands at only 60 seats. And even worse, they received only 36% of the vote, the Torries recieved 33%.

The former MP I worked for in 2003, Louise Ellman, held her seat in Liverpool-Riverside. Yay for her. You can find a full interactive map here.

Howard said that he would step down from Torries leadership before the next election. It will be interesting to see if he steps down and a new leader is chosen before or after Brown takes over at No. 10.

Finding information on the election in the US press is a bit difficult. Job creation is much higher on the list of things to report than Blair's election. Bush did congratulate Blair today, that was nice of him since he almost cost him the election.

White Sox won again. I think I'm in Heaven.

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