A day that's a little slow

It being a slow news day, in this writer’s opinion, I’m left trying to search for something to write about since my goal is to post at least once every weekday and if I have time, during the weekend also. If you read this, bless you. If not, then it’s for my own intellectual curiosity.

I thought about writing about Dave Matthew’s since his bands new album comes out today, but my feelings about Dave are weird. I enjoy some of his stuff, but find him vastly overrated and his lyrics as wantabe Paul McCartney cheesy love lyrics that frat-boys find some romantic truth in. (Speaking of McCartney’s lyrics, I’m not sure why they are so enjoyable. If someone were to write what he’s written today, we’d probably laugh, but some how McCartney was able to write lyrics that were so innocent and pure that we don’t care. “I Will” is probably the greatest ditty of all time, and ironically one of Dave’s best songs is a ditty ala “I Will” simply called “Oh”). Jim DeRogatis may sum up my views on Dave best here in this review. He’s fine for what and who he is. Why he people treat him like a mini-god, I’ll never know. If people just let him be who he is, maybe he wouldn’t be so bad.

The fall out of the elections in the UK has begun. Blair is going to stay on, Labour lost a bunch of seats, blah, blah, blah… and now some Torrie wants to turn the Conservatives into the Republican party. Good lucky buddy, should we tell him that the GOP wins here because of moral and ethical scare tactics, gay marriage, abortion, and telling people that they may get rich some day and therefore they should let the rich stay rich because they may be rich?

File under the “this sort of sucks” column today is news that Firefox has a critical flaw. Yes I use Firefox, and yes I hope they fix this soon.

And finally, just cus I can and I’m feeling very late 90s right now, here is the Tragically Hip's official website. I love these guys.

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Ilk said...

Matthews has 2 good songs, Bobby:

1) Crush--perfect song for romancing.

2) Lie In Our Graves--perfect singalong song for drinking.

Other than that, he's pretty much shite.