A chance to Rip Larry Brown

I don't get the media's love affair with Larry Brown, currently head coach of the Detroit Pistons. This is a guy who's left more jobs, who's left more teams and organizations hanging with little or nothing when he bolts, who's never heard of the word loyalty... but the media loves him. Calls him great. Calls him a wonderful guy. Kisses his ass and falls all over themselves for him.

But Browns a loser. A guy that can't sit still and who leaves every place he stays... if he were a player, he'd be ripped left, right, and center by the media. If he were black... opps sorry! can't play the race card any more! But it's true, if Brown was black, would he even have gotten this far after all the bridges he's burned? All the teams he's left because he just didn't feel like it any more?

So now he goes to Cleveland... but he's in the middle of the playoffs with the Pistons right now... and he's bolting just like that. If I were the Pistons, I'd pull him from the bench and let him go. Screw him.

I'm sick of Larry Brown and the free pass he gets from the media. The guys a bum, and I applaud the few in the media who are ripping him (Chad Ford for one).

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