What a joke

The NCAA is on the verge of allowing a 12th football game for Division I-A and I-AA schools. The NCAA claims they are all about educating kids, but I'm not sure anyone believes this, and the three people that still believe that the NCAA is there for the kids, I hope this seals the deal for you.

Not that I really care that much, but just pay the kids at this point. You're not educating them, you're not helping them, and you’re only exploiting them and using them to fill your pockets. Pay the kids and get on with it, especially the football players since the NFL blocks them pursuing their economic opportunities.

The NCAA is a joke, and the sooner the public realizes this the better. The fact that hypocrites like this have been able to get away with this crap so long is amazing. But, hey!, we better not let them gays marry!

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